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Steampunk Resources

This page includes steampunk-related websites and Facebook groups.

Airship Ambassador — Steampunk related news, events and resources.

The Association of Ishtar blog — A blog by steampunk podcaster and author Bonsart Bokel.

Atticus Oldman's Steampunk Almanac — Steampunk podcasts from Scotland.

Beyond Victoriana — "A multicultural perspective on Steampunk" by Diana Pho. She also has an active Facebook page.

Brass Goggles — Discussion forums on steampunk topics.

Edwardian Promenade — News, commentary and resources about the Edwardian era. "As years have passed, the focus has widened beyond 1900-1914 Britain to place an emphasis on the global society between 1880s-1920s."

Never Was — An online magazine about steampunk, dieselpunk, and related genres.

SanDee & Amelie's Steampunk Challenges — Monthly design challenges in the steampunk realm.

Silver Goggles — A "steampunk postcolonialist" discusses "race, representation, diversity, and other such exciting adventures as one might find in our genial genre."

SteamPaper — A monthly e-newsletter with steampunk events and other news, primarily focusing on the UK. The signup form is on the Asylum Steampunk Festival website.

Steampunk Radio — Online Steampunk music

Steampunk Tendencies — Photos of steampunk projects and Victorian architecture.

The Steampunk Tribune — News and features about steampunk, Victorian culture and related topics.

The Steampunk Workshop — Steampunk maker Jake von Slatt discusses art, books, fashion, music and his own projects.

Steampunkery — Website for steampunk publisher and podcaster Atticus Oldman.

Facebook Groups

See the City Guides for listings of local steampunk Facebook groups.

All US Steampunk Events — A listing of steampunk events in the U.S.

British Steampunk Community — A public Facebook group. "This place exists for steampunks to socialise, share events and meets and generally have fun. It aims to be (for the most part) the lighter side of steampunk just as Brassgoggles has been for some years now."

Dieselpunk Depot — A public group for dieselpunk enthusiasts.

European Steampunk Community — A public group "for the promotion of all things Steampunk within the European Community and Beyond!"

New Zealand Steampunk Enthusiasts — A closed group for steampunk enthusiasts in New Zealand.

Steampunk and Neo Victorian design — "A site for steampunk enthusiasts and buying and selling of steampunk related merchandise."

Steampunk artists — Facebook group for steampunk artists.

Steampunk Britain — A public group for steampunk enthusiasts. Posts are screened by moderators before appearing.

Steampunk Canada — A public group for steampunk enthusiasts in Canada.

Steampunk Europe — A public group for steampunk enthusiasts in Europe.

Steampunk For Everyone — A public group for steampunk enthusiasts. "It was specifically formed as a response to the fact that it's rather difficult to find steampunks of color or queer steampunks."

Steampunk Revolution — One of the largest Facebook groups for steampunks.

Steampunk Scandinavia — A public group devoted to Scandinavian Steampunk.

Steampunk Times — A public Facebook group for steampunk enthusiasts. It was founded by steampunk maker Franklin Vanseizenberg.

Steampunk! — Public Facebook group for steampunks. Posts are screened by admins.

Steampunkorama — A Facebook group for fans and creators of steampunk and related genres (Afropunk, Dieselpunk, Cyberpunk, Retropunk, Futurepunk, Gothicpunk).


BRASS: A Steampunk Adventure Serial — A "multi-platform Steampunk adventure serial about a family of Victorian science geniuses, each with unique abilities." It includes podcasts and short films .

The Clockwork Cabaret — "Music O' Gears for Steampunk'd Ears," hosted by Emmett Davenport and Lady Attercop. Produced by Agony Aunt Studios.

Of Steam, Steel and Murder — A podcast presentation of players in various role-playing games.

Radio Retrofuture — A podcast by Bonsart Bokel, featuring interviews with steampunk personalities.

Storypunks — A podcast about all of the "punk" genres including cyberpunk, diselpunk, and steampunk. It's hosted by Cindy Grigg.

The Tales of Sage & Savant — A steampunk audio drama in the form of a monthly podcast. The website includes historical background info.

SteamRollers Adventure Podcast — A comedic steampunk adventure podcast based on the fiction of Michael Rigg.

Texas Steampunk Connection — A "Steampunk podcast on happenings in Texas. News and reviews of novels, comics, movies and anything steampunk."

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