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Steampunk Performers

This page features musicians and other performers who have appeared at steampunk events or otherwise have some connection to steampunk. Links with an asterisk (*) will take you to an enhanced listing.

A Halo Called Fred* — Billed as “the greatest guitar, bass, violin, and Tupperware band in the history of all time and space.” Bandcamp

Abney Park* — A pioneering steampunk band founded in 1997.

Alice Strange* — A one-woman musical act, formerly known as Alice’s Night Circus. Her sound is described as “a blend of apocalyptic fairy-tale steampop with a touch of the circus.”

Eli August* — Eli August describes his sound as “Dark Americana.” He performs solo or with The Abandoned Buildings.

Emilie Autumn* — A popular singer-songwriter and violinist with Victorian-era influences.

Bellow Wing* — Multi-instrumentalist who performs “Folk-Punk-Dark-Cabaret.”

Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers* — "Mustache-powered tubadors” with a sound that’s been compared to The Temperance Seven and Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. . . Bandcamp

Black Sheikhs* — A band in West Yorkshire that describe their music as “heady concoctions of swing, punk, pop and rock, steaming into the 21st century.”

Brother Spellbinder* — The band describes its sound as a mix of “folk, eastern European, classical and rock” elements with “plaintive vocals, unusual arrangements, and a variety of textures.” Bandcamp

Captain of the Lost Waves* — “Nu vaudeville and folk opera.”

Cascadian Airship — A band with music influences from Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, plus jazz, blues, and rock of the 50s through 70s. . .

Celtica* — Celtic rock band with a steampunk-themed album. . .

Greg Chapman — His act includes juggling, comedy, and escapology.

The Cog is Dead* — Self-described as “a steampunk band with a bit of a musical identity crisis. . .”

The Cogkneys* — Described as “a music hall inspired duo presenting music hall merriment and steampunk delights.”

Coveilance Dance Project — Mad scientist belly dancers. . .

Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands* — A singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has performed at Dragon Con and several steampunk events. . .

The Dark Design* — A “UK Steampunk / Pirate / Victoriana band"

Michelle Deck* — A singer who performs as Lady Lyric d’Avalon, the “time-traveling trouvère.”

Diego's Umbrella — This band describes its music as a blend of “Eastern European sounds, marching drums, beautiful harmonies and catchy hooks.”

DJ VLAD* — This steampunk DJ appears in costume at steampunk events, comic cons and Renaissance Faires in Central Florida. VLAD stands for “Very Loud & Dangerous.”

Doc Phineas* — TV personality and MC of steampunk events. . .

Dogwood* — Dogwood “aims to weave historical and wax hysterical in the old-new traditions of mountain men, shantymen, and fellow men while tromping across both ancient myth and accidental malady.”

Dust Bowl Faeries* — A “dark-carnival band” with instrumentation that includes accordion, singing saw, ukulele, lap-steel/guitar and percussion.

Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band* — This band “combines the rich musical history of the circus and the vagabond peoples of Europe with the raw energy of avant-garde jazz, the burning heat of funk and the irreverence and fun of today’s Vaudeville for a sound that is somehow familiar yet like no other,” according to their own description.

Escape the Clouds* — A steampunk-themed solo music project by singer and multi-instrumentalist Mark Rossmore. . . Bandcamp

The Eternal Frontier* — Steampunk music from Baron Maximilian Von Zipple and Professor Adam Smasher.

External Combustion Orchestra* — Billed as “Kansas City’s steampunk band. . .”

The Extraordinary Contraptions* — A steampunk-themed band that blends “Motown-funk bass grooves with a driving guitar, chaotic drums, engagingly playful keys and accordion, and three-part vocal harmonies.” Bandcamp

Fate Gear* — An all-female steampunk metal band from Japan. . .

Feline and Strange* — Described as “theatrical post-punk” with a powerful female voice and “roots in Tango, opera, and cabaret.”

Fermata* — Fermata is a band that describes its sound as “acoustic chamber rock. . .” Bandcamp

The Forgetmenauts* — Six-piece folk rock ensemble inspired by myth, cryptids, and fairy tales. Location: San Francisco Bay Area.

Frenchy and the Punk* — A duo that often performs at steampunk events. . .

The Gaslight Troubadours* — Described as a mix of “Vaudeville beats, kitschtronica, dark swing, leftfield hip hop, drum n’bass, and anywhere else that we feel like going.”

Ghostfire* — The band describes its music as embracing “folk, shanty, spaghetti western, country, and Americana.”

Hvbris — Fire arts performance.

Lee Presson and the Nails* — A San Francisco-based “goth swing” ensemble. . .

Littmus Steampunk Band* — They describe themselves as “a band of castoffs let go from around the world. . .” Bandcamp

Madam Misfit* — UK-based “Electroswing Steampunk Performer” with “a sprinkle of Monty Python.” Bandcamp

Marquis of Vaudeville* — “Progressive, carnival-esque punk cabaret.”

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing* — This band plays “loud punk rock songs about the Victorian era.”

Montague Jacques Fromage* — Described as the “Godfather of Steampunk Funk.” Bandcamp

Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer* — Chap-hop artist from the UK. . . Bandcamp

Nathaniel Johnstone* — A singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who often performs at steampunk events. Bandcamp

The New Orleans Steamcog Orchestra — "Sophisticated and yet strangely modern sounds of turn-of-the-century ingenuity.”

Night Watch Paradox* — Described as as “an eclectic fusion of original progressive rock, neoclassical, cabaret, post-punk, new wave, comedic storytelling, and other avant-garde genres.”

The Nülydedz* — They describe their sound as “high energy Zombie Rockabilly,” with influences including Carl Perkins, Elvis, Stray Cats, and Rev. Horton Heat. They perform in the guise of zombies.

Phantasmagoria* — “Central Florida’s Original Victorian/Steampunk Storytelling Troupe.”

Sir Reginald Pikedevant Esquire* — Steampunk Chap Hop artist.

Poison Garden* — A steampunk band from Italy with “a modern sound sunk in the noise of an alternative past.”

Poplock Holmes* — Poplock Holmes describes his sound as a “quirky, Victorian-flavored hip-hop known as Chap Hop.” It is “the perfect mood music for hunting yeti, taming wild beats, and drinking tea.”

Professor DR Schreiber — Schreiber describes himself as a “magic historian, performer, and teacher of young magicians.” His shows include Steampunk Conjuring and 19th Century Conjuring.

Professor Elemental* — One of the top chap hop performers. Bandcamp

The Ragged Blade Band* — Ragtime, blues, jazz, and other sounds from the early 20th century. . .

Ragtime Poetry Co. — A group of poets with vintage clothing and typewriters who often appear at steampunk events. . .

Rapscallion* — Rapscallion describes itself as a “chap rock/steampunk band drawing heavy influence from classics such as Queen, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and The Darkness, but with a healthy dose of steampunk perspective.”

Aaron J. Shay* — Folky “sci-fi singer-songwriter. . .” Bandcamp

Sarah Shay* — Music described as “nerdy ukulele songs that are usually funny but sometimes sad.” Bandcamp

Steam Powered Giraffe* — This band describes itself as “Steampunk and Futurism” combined with “mime and music to create a breathtakingly imaginative act.”

The Steampunk Stompers* — Described as “steeped in the traditions of ragtime, early jazz, swing, dixieland, the popular musics of the late 1800’s-early 1900’s.”

Strangely Doesburg* — Comedy and “roaring accordion music.”

Sun & Shadow* — A steampunk project by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Damon DeMartin. . . Bandcamp

Sunday Driver* — A band whose sound has been described as “a Dickensian Kate Bush” (Financial Times) and “a careful and delicate fusion of Indian chant and English folk” (The Steampunk Workshop).

This Way to the Egress* — The band describes itself as “equal parts unruly vaudeville, ebullient world-beat and three-ring circus. . .”

Unwoman* — Cellist-singer-songwriter. Bandcamp

V is for Villains* — A “high energy electronic rock band.”

Valentine Wolfe* — This duo plays “gothic metal inspired by seances, 19th century gothic literature, and classical music.” Bandcamp

The Velveteen Band* — The theatrical rock ensemble features puppets on vocals, a deranged mad scientist, and is led by a six foot trumpet playing rabbit named the Baron Von Velveteen.

Vernian Process* — An avant-garde/progressive rock band that draws inspiration from authors such as H.G. Wells, H.P. Lovecraft, and Jules Verne. . . Bandcamp

Victor and the Bully* — Music “inspired by steampunk, swing, mariachi, classical , electro-swing and punk. . .”

Victor Sierra* — Steampunk/dieselpunk trio from Paris. . .

Aurelio Voltaire* — Singer, songwriter, animator and comic artist with a goth sensibility. . .

Vourteque* — Neo-vintage musician and DJ. . .

Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq.* — Comedic music with old-time influences. . .

Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys* — Described as “a Dada-esque circus carnival run amuck. . .” Location: Boston.

T.E. Yates* — UK-based folk musician, animator, and visual artist. Bandcamp

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