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The Steampunk Explorer Turns Five

Saturday, March 11, 2023

The Steampunk Explorer came into this world on March 6, 2018, which means we just turned five. Much has happened over the past five years: Lots of events, books, games, music, cosplay, and more, which we’ve tried to cover as best we can.

About a year after we launched, one publication proclaimed that steampunk was dead, a report that proved to be greatly exaggerated. Then the pandemic hit, driving much of the world, including steampunk, into hibernation. Events began tiptoeing back in 2021, then came back in a much bigger way last year.

For our 2022 anniversary, we posted a look back at the publication’s first four years. Since then, we’ve launched a YouTube series, The World of Steampunk, and we expanded our events calendar to cover mainland Europe as well as New Zealand and Australia. We still have a redesign in the works, most likely for later this year.

As always, we appreciate the tremendous support we’ve received from our readers around the world. We’re especially grateful for the financial support we’ve received through Patreon and our PayPal tip jar. But it’s also rewarding to know that so many steampunk fans have given us their precious time and attention since our humble beginnings back in 2018.

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