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Seattle’s Georgetown Steam Plant to Become Art and Science Center

Friday, March 6, 2020
Georgetown Steam Plant
The Georgetown Steam Plant in Seattle. Photo credit: Derivative work by J. Smith, based on photos by Joe Mabel / CC BY-SA

Seattle’s historic Georgetown Steam Plant will be transformed into an art, science, and education center under the auspices of a new non-profit that will fund a $10 million renovation of the facility.

The plant, built between 1906 and 1907, is notable for its huge Curtis steam turbines, which powered the city’s streetcars and a rail line to Tacoma. They’re the last remaining operational models of the engines.

The facility is owned by Seattle City Light, the city’s electric utility, which has offered public tours since 2014. It’s currently listed in The Steampunk Explorer Seattle City Guide as one of the region’s “Steamiest Places.”

The new Georgetown Steam Plant Community Development Authority plans to lease the facility and oversee a makeover expected to take three to five years. The effort will be led by Sam Farrazaino, developer of two art studio complexes in the area.

The deal, which requires City Council approval, was reported by Crosscut, a local online news outlet.

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