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Professor Elemental Teams Up Again With Some “Amazing Friends”

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Chap hop maestro Professor Elemental is out with his latest album plus a music video. The 15-track opus, entitled Professor Elemental and His Amazing Friends 3, is the last part of a trilogy featuring some of his favorite collaborators.

This time he’s joined by Madam Misfit, Nick Maxwell, Dr. Syntax, Captain of the Lost Waves, Rapscallion, Gaslight Troubadours, and others. Longtime associate Tom Caruana produced most of the tracks. One track, the reggae-tinged “The Man Next Door,” features the Professor’s non-steampunk alter ego, known simply as “Elemental.”

You can order the album from Bandcamp or the Professor’s website.

The music video, entitled “Kaboom,” is from the album’s second track. It’s inspired by the board game Heroic Echoic, where players collect cards based on comic book sound effects.

“The thing is, ladies and gentlemen, you have to realize that these days, no one is coming to save you,” the Professor says as he takes off his street clothes to reveal a superhero outfit. “But that’s not scary. It’s exciting. Be your own hero!!!”

The video, produced by Steam Powered Animator, has the Professor navigating frames in what appears to be a giant comic book.

The Professor also announced his Festival of Whimsy tour, including a performance Saturday at the huge Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, England.

Other stops include Papplewick Steampunk Weekend and the Fantasy Forest Festival in July, the Tribal Earth festival in August, the Floral Fringe Fair and Elfia Festival in September, and Gloucester Steampunk Convivial in December. See his website for the complete schedule.

Performer info: 

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