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Professor Elemental Meets His Nemesis in New Album and Comic Book

Monday, October 11, 2021

Professor Elemental has released Nemesis, a new concept album that pits the chap hop maestro and his orangutan butler Geoffrey against their ultimate adversary.

A large cast of musical guests helps the Professor tell a harrowing story with a surprise ending.

If you’ve been following the Professor’s exploits over the years, we can safely say you won’t see this one coming.

Produced by long-time collaborator Tom Caruana, the album finds the Professor trapped in his mansion as it spins through a mysterious space-time dimension. As he tries to get back home, he faces off against his nemesis, Officer Jeremy Problem, the Time and Space Constable.

The Professor’s nemesis is voiced by battle rapper Adam Felman. Other guests include Dr Syntax, Ella Jean, Hattie Snooks, Ashley Slater, and Mr Kapow.

Back in January 2020, the Professor announced that he was working on a new album that would continue a storyline from his 2018 release School Of Whimsy. He invited fans to submit a concept for a supervillain who would star in the album as well as a comic book.

The constable, conceived by Nicholas Floyd, was the top choice of fans in a competition that also included Nigel P. Anonymous (“the world’s most boring man”), Mandrill Friday (“horrifying prototype ape butler”), and Nana Eunice, a grandma dinosaur. Some of these appear in the story as allies of the constable.

“I’m a multiverse constable and it’s time to face your crimes against humanity, time and space,” Officer Problem warned at the time.

The 36-page comic book serves as a prequel, telling the Constable’s origin story. It was written by the Professor’s “official biographer” Christopher Mole, drawn by Jamie Keys, and colored by Owen Watts. It also contains a bonus story, “Inanity is the Mother of Invention,” which was written by Mark Russell and drawn by Cliff Cumber.

Pete Woods created the cover art for the album and comic book, a portion of which you can see above.

The Professor has also released the first music video from the album, “It’s Great to Be Me (nothing bad will ever happen).” As you might surmise, things soon go very bad for our hero. The video was directed by John Callaghan and features guests Dr Syntax and DJ Nick Maxwell.

The album is available as a digital download or limited-edition CD with a 20-page booklet including lyrics and an art gallery. You can order it from Bandcamp or the Professor Elemental website. The comic book is available directly from the Professor. The Professor is also offering the Nemesis Ultimate Collection with an autographed CD, three postcards, and the comic book.

This story was updated with additional details about the album and comic book.

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