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New Prof. Elemental Video: ‘Nothing Says Cool (like a middle aged man)’

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Professor Elemental and Mister Frisbee are out with “Nothing Says Cool (like a middle aged man),” a new music video from their latest album Good Dad Club. This isn’t the steampunk Professor Elemental, so here he’s known simply as “Elemental.” He describes the video as “a nightmare of everything I never want to be.”

It begins with the Professor taking a nap. Then he’s wearing street clothes, driving a red Audi, and walking along Brighton Beach (the one in the UK, not Brooklyn). The dream takes a nightmarish turn as we see the depths of his character’s mid-life crisis.

So it’s not your typical Professor Elemental video, but it still has his signature wit and snappy rhythms, along with a sizable dash of pathos and social commentary.

The track features remixes from Flevans, John Callaghan, and Jazz Emu. And in case you’re worried, “No middle-aged men were harmed in the making of this song.”

The single and album are available on the new Elemental Bandcamp page, and you can also order the album from the Professor’s website.

Performer info: 

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