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New Music Videos: Ghostfire Continues Comeback and Unwoman Covers Halsey

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Ghostfire has released the second single and music video in the band’s recent comeback, while Unwoman is out with a new cover featuring her signature live looping cello. On a more somber note, Victor Sierra is set to release a new song in remembrance of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York City.

“Neptune’s Call,” the new Ghostfire song, is a follow-up to “Five Points West of Hell,” which the band released in July. Both have nautical themes.

As we previously reported, the band was active in the UK steampunk scene between 2008 and 2015, including a performance in 2009 at the first Asylum Steampunk Festival in Lincoln, UK. Now they’re making a comeback as a trio with vocalist Steven Sheridan, guitarist Andii Valo, and drummer Alan Mogg. Valo also composes and arranges the music. Sheridan produced the videos.

The singles are available on Bandcamp, and the videos can be streamed on YouTube. Ghostfire is also planning a Halloween release for a third single, “Dead Jack.”

Meanwhile, Unwoman released a cover of “The Tradition,” the opening track from Halsey’s new album If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power. In a message to her Patreon supporters, Unwoman noted that a friend recommended the song as being “very ‘me.’ I really liked it and it lends itself to looping, so I worked up a live version really quickly.”

If you’ve never seen her in concert, the video gives you a sense of how she performs live looping on stage. She wrote that she might record a more fully produced studio version for Patreon supporters.

The video follows the August release of her latest album, Of My Own Space and Time I Am Queen. Available on Bandcamp, it’s her eighth album of original music.

Victor Sierra single cover

The new Victor Sierra single, entitled “Just Another Sunny Day in New York City,” will be free to download on the group’s Bandcamp page beginning Sept. 11. It was composed “in remembrance of the attack and dedicated to the families of victims, first responders, and all New Yorkers,” the band says. “Feel free to donate to any charity related to this infamous day.”

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