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New Lady Mechanika Comic Book to Get Deluxe Edition on Kickstarter

Friday, September 10, 2021

Lady Mechanika creator Joe Benitez is planning a Kickstarter campaign to fund the next installment of the popular steampunk comic series, to be entitled “The Monster of the Ministry of Hell.” His plans call for a 48-page deluxe Kickstarter exclusive that will include all of Chapter 1 plus behind-the-scenes art, pencil sketches, and homages to the founders of Image Comics.

As we reported, Image Comics acquired publishing rights to the series in March, and this will be the first new Lady Mechanika series under the new publisher.

Benitez, who previously self-published the comics, said the deal will provide an opportunity to reach a wider audience while allowing him to focus on the creative aspects. But Image doesn’t provide funding up front, “which means we need a little bit of help with cash flow to pay the creative team,” he said. That’s where the Kickstarter campaign comes in.

He hasn’t announced when the campaign will launch, but you can visit the Kickstarter page and ask to be notified when it happens.

The series, which debuted in 2010, presents the adventures of a Victorian-era paranormal investigator with mechanical limbs.

Image Comics also plans to reprint the entire Lady Mechanika backlist. The publisher released a trade paperback edition of Lady Mechanika Vol. 1 on Aug. 11 followed by a hardcover version Sept. 1. Image plans to release a trade paperback of Vol. 3 on Sept. 29.

Learn more on the Benitez Productions website.

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