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New Kickstarter Campaigns: ‘Tesla Inventorium’ and ‘Sasquatch: Klondike’

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

This week on the crowdfunding platform: An adventure game starring Nikola Tesla and a comic book about Sasquatch set during the 19th century Klondike gold rush.

Parabot Studio in Belgrade, Serbia is raising funds for Tesla INVENTORIUM, a handpainted video game with puzzle-solving elements.

The story begins in 1895, when Tesla loses his inventions in a fire. The game is set in two worlds: Reality, where you take on the role of Tesla and contend with dangerous machines made by his enemies, and Inventorium, a dream world where you’re an automaton seeking Tesla’s lost inventions.

Inventorium, the developer says, is “colorful and full of unusual creatures and surreal machines.” It’s “fun to explore, but it has many traps that will make your searching for lost inventions harder.”

The campaign launched June 30 and just met its US$6900 fundraising goal. It runs through July 30. It’s been designated by Kickstarter as a “Project We Love.”

Estimated delivery of the game is July 2023, but backers may get it sooner. The final version will be available for PCs, Macs, Android, iOS, and “hopefully for the Switch.”

Parabot, formerly known as studioCAROUSEL, also developed two animated movies featuring the inventor: Tesla and the Lamplighter and Tesla-The Invention of Dreams.

Learn more about this new campaign on the Kickstarter page and studio website.

Tardigrade Press of London, Ontario is seeking funds for the second issue of Sasquatch: Klondike, a comic book adventure series set in Canada during the 19th century Klondike gold rush. After moving with her parents to the Klondike, a young woman named Tilly learns that she has “new and unwanted abilities.”

Along with other families, they find themselves pursued by the legendary primates. But “who is the greater enemy? Is it the unseen beasts who hunt them, or is it the enemies within?”

The series was created by writer Johnny Cassidy and illustrator Chad Leduc. Tardigrade raised CA$2372 in a Kickstarter campaign for the first issue. The publisher plans six issues in all.

This campaign launched July 4 and seeks CA$2500 (US$2028) by Aug. 1. Estimated delivery is Sept. 2021. Again, you can learn more on the Kickstarter page and the publisher’s website.


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