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New Books: Spring 2021

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Writer and illustrator Michael Ferrone released Frankenbots: Sunken City of Scraps, the latest in a series of illustrated children’s books about a steampunk robot named Stu. The story involves an alien invasion, feuding robot villagers, and a hidden city that was once a robot paradise.

The book is a follow-up to Frankenbots: Stu Saves The World, which the author released last year in English- and Spanish-language editions. Written for kids ages 3 to 9, it aims to inspire teamwork and foster interest in STEM activities. It’s available in a 34-page paperback edition from Amazon. See the author’s website for more info.

Laura Strickland released Steam Tinker, Book 8 in her Buffalo Steampunk Adventures series. The title refers to protagonist Lionel Pike, who rebuilds old automatons that are otherwise headed for the scrapyard. “When Sofia Gregory brings him her wrecked steam unit and confides it’s also her best friend, he agrees to attempt a repair,” we’re told. “He doesn’t suspect his kindness will open a door to peril, or that he’ll end up risking his heart.”

It’s available in paperback and e-book formats from Amazon and other sellers. See the author’s website for links.

The Nightshade Cabal, a paranormal steampunk thriller by Chris Patrick Carolan, has been shortlisted by Crime Writers of Canada for the organization’s 2021 Awards of Excellence. The novel, set in 1880s Halifax, Nova Scotia, is a finalist in the “Best Crime First Novel” category. Winners will be announced on May 27. See the author’s website for more info.

Honor Raconteur is out with Grimoires and Where to Find Them, Book 6 in The Case Files of Henri Davenforth. The stories, which combine mystery and fantasy, are set in an alternate world where Victorian-era technology mixes with magic. In this one, protagonists Henri Davenforth and Jamie Edwards are on the trail of a thief who has stolen powerful books of spells. It’s available in e-book and paperback formats. See the Goodreads page and Raconteur House website for more info.

Heather Massey released all four books in a new steampunk romance series dubbed A Villainous Affair. She describes it as “an epic adventure about an unlikely pair of thieves who join forces to battle mobs, evil scientists, and a fascist regime for control of a powerful aether invention.” The titles are A Tale of Two Thieves, The Wizard of Aether, Dark Queen Rising, and Battle Royale. They’re all available in Kindle format. See the author’s website and Amazon page for more info.

Black Beacon Books is out with Murder and Machinery: Tales of Technological Terror and Mechanical Madness. Edited by Cameron Trost, the anthology features works of horror, suspense, science fiction, and steampunk.

“Tales of deadly machinery have long fascinated us, from Edgar Allan Poe’s classic pendulum to the Terminator films,” Trost writes in the introduction. “Murder and Machinery pays homage to this tradition, offering you gripping tales following this theme but set in different times and places, from colonial America to London during the First World War to dystopian futures on this planet and beyond.”

See the publisher’s website for more info and links to booksellers.

Dragon Soul Press released Imperial Devices, a steampunk anthology with stories by R.L. Davennor, Zoey Xolton, Majanka Verstraete, Benjamin Chandler, Lincoln Reed, Laura Quirola, S.O. Green, Chris Bannor, Catherine Butzen, Daniel Simonson, Barend Nieuwstraten III, Andrea L. Staum, and Douglas Allen Gohl. It’s available in e-book and paperback editions. See the publisher’s website for more info.

Zmok Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, is out with Rise of the Alchemist, a “steampunk alternative history” by Craig Gallant. It’s set 100 years after a failed American Revolution in which Benedict Arnold established his own Kingdom of Albion. The publisher describes it as “the first novel in a shared author universe where crystals open a door to magic.” It’s currently available as a trade paperback from multiple booksellers. See the publisher’s website for links.

Angry Robot released a new paperback edition of Megan O’Keefe’s 2016 debut novel, Steal the Sky. Set in a steampunk fantasy world, it tells the story of conman who seeks to steal an airship and finds himself caught up in a revolution. It was Book One of her Scorched Continent series and garnered widespread critical praise. The new edition features new cover art. The original e-book edition is also available. The publisher has posted a page with links to booksellers. See the author’s website for more info.

Ruxandra Tarca released Laevium, her debut novel. Set in late Victorian-era London, it tells the story of Jasper Kendall Asher, who becomes main engineer for the Queen’s new airship years after an accident exiled him to a dull life as a mechanic. He also gets “a chance to uncover the truth behind the unfortunate event that changed his life,” the author writes. “From his workbench, to London’s airharbour, to remote Scottish villages, he follows the trail of a scientific discovery that promises to reveal much darker plots than he initially imagined in his search for answers.”

Laevium is Book One in a series entitled The Cerulean Airship. It’s available in e-book and paperback formats from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other sellers. See the author’s website and Goodreads page for more info.

G.S. Wright released Gunslinger and Clockwork Dragon, a “Weird West cattlepunk and steampunk serial adventure.” Links: Author | Goodreads | Amazon.

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