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New Books: June 2021

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The Steampunk Explorer will periodically runs roundups of book news, including new books, new editions, licensing deals, and more. For June, we have books by Gail Carriger, Jeannie Lin, Jessica Lucci, Patricia Loofbourrow, R.J. Metcalf, Anne Renwick, and William LJ Galaini.

Gail Carriger released a digital edition of Fan Service, an omnibus containing three previously released stories: The novellas Romancing the Werewolf and Romancing the Inventor plus a short story, “Meat Cute: The Hedgehog Incident.” The author described them as “my most requested character wrap-ups from the Parasol Protectorate series.”

Subterranean Press originally released the omnibus in October 2019 as a limited-edition hardcover volume that quickly sold out. All three stories are also available separately in digital editions. The new omnibus edition is available on Amazon.

Read the full story: Carriger releases digital edition of ‘Fan Service’

The Rebellion Engines
Cover art by Deranged Doctor Design

Jeannie Lin released The Rebellion Engines, the fourth and final book in the Gunpowder Chronicles, an “Opium War steampunk series.” The story is set in an alt-world Qing-Dynasty China in 1853, where protagonist Jin Soling “works as a physician in a secret factory building automatons to march on the empire’s battleground cities.” The author promises a tale of “sinister political intrigue” and “slow-burn romance.”

The series launched in 2014 with Gunpowder Alchemy. The new title is available in digital and paperback formats from multiple booksellers. Learn more on the author’s website.

Jessica Lucci released Steampunk Pride, a collection of LGBTQ-themed short fiction. “You don’t have to be steampunk to enjoy it and you don’t have to be LGBTQ to enjoy it,” she says. “You just have to enjoy a nice short story.” She promises “pirates, magi, princesses, airships, mechanoids, automatons, masquerade balls, and multi-faceted LGBTQ romance.”

It’s available in Kindle and paperback editions from Amazon, or in paperback from her Etsy shop.

Patricia Loofbourrow is out with The Two of Hearts, Part 7 of the Red Dog Conspiracy series. She describes the series as steampunk noir crime fiction set in a domed city in “the former U.S.,” where crime syndicates battle for supremacy. The only escape is through an aperture controlled by a ruthless family.

The author cautions that each book is a chapter in a larger 13-part story, and they should be read in order. The series launched in 2015 with The Jacq of Spades. The first three are available in a set, Red Dog Conspiracy Act 1. Next up is The Three of Spades, which is now available for pre-order prior to its Oct. 1 release date.

The Two of Hearts is available in digital, hardcover, and paperback formats from multiple booksellers. Links for the new book are on the author’s website, but it contains spoilers if you haven’t read the preceding stories. If you’re new to the series, you may want to start with the page for The Jacq of Spades.

The Stones of Terrene Chronicles

R.J. Metcalf released Blood Bond, the fourth and final book in The Stones of Terrene Chronicles. The series is set in Terrene, a steampunk fantasy world infused by magic and populated by dragons and sky pirates. The finale involves a rescue mission and a risky gambit to win a war.

It’s available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats. Learn more on the author’s website.

Anne Renwick released Venomous Secrets, Book 4 in the Elemental Steampunk Chronicle romance series. The protagonist in this installment is venom expert Cait McCullough, who is “is trouble personified. Bored with exploring the possibilities of her unique biology in a laboratory, she longs for excitement. And investigating a vicious fanged creature who stalks its victims by lamplight in darkest London offers the perfect opportunity.” She’s accompanied by handsome agent Jonathan “Jack” Tagert, who is beset by impending blindness.

The book is available in digital and paperback formats from Amazon and other booksellers. Learn more on the author’s website.

Evolved Publishing released Patron Saint of Wrong, Book 3 in William LJ Galaini’s Hellbound series. The publisher describes the books as religious sci-fi/fantasy adventures “set in an industrialized Dante’s Inferno with steampunk trappings.” The story involves a troubled and timid husband on a mission to rescue his wife and lead a band of misfits against a “mighty power of industry, finance, corruption, and hubris.”

The books are available from Amazon and other booksellers. Learn more on the publisher’s website.

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