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Lucci Caps Busy Year with ‘Steampunk Pride’ Short Story Collection

Friday, June 4, 2021
Tequila Sheila

Jessica Lucci has released Steampunk Pride, a collection of LGBTQ-themed short fiction featuring “pirates, magi, princesses, airships, mechanoids, automatons, masquerade balls, and multi-faceted LGBTQ romance,” she writes.

She discussed the book in a Facebook Live videocast on June 1, noting that “you don’t have to be steampunk to enjoy it and you don’t have to be LGBTQ to enjoy it. You just have to enjoy a nice short story.”

It’s available in Kindle and paperback editions from Amazon, or in paperback from her Etsy store.

The new book caps a busy 12 months for the author. On May 1, she released Tequila Sheila and Other Tall Tales (above), a collection of short stories combining “steampunk, sci-fi, and fantasy with a modern flair.” The title story is about outlaw Cleo Westwind and her girlfriend Sheila in an alternate Wild West.

Lucci said the book had more pre-orders than any of her previous titles.

A hardcover edition is available on the author’s Etsy site.

Back on Nov. 1, she got an early start on the holidays with Steampunk New Year, a collection with tales of “fantastical steam powered carriages, dragons, airship battles, sneaky ghosts, spooky fairies, and the most mixed up holiday story of all time.” It’s available in paperback on Etsy and Amazon or from the latter as an e-book. She discussed the book, and her early timing, in a blog post.

And last June she released Gustover Glitch, Book 3 in her Watch City steampunk trilogy. In this one, “our tenacious heroes time travel to a city in the clouds, intent on stopping the evil warlord Ziracuny before she starts,” the author said. “AI technologies complicate their mission, as they find themselves battling unseen forces.” It’s available on Amazon in paperback and e-book formats.

See her website for more info about her work.

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