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Kickstarter Roundup: Spring 2021

Monday, July 12, 2021

The Steampunk Explorer has long covered new steampunk-related Kickstarter campaigns in the weekly Steampunk Digest. But we’ve rarely rarely gone back to see which campaigns ultimately succeeded. So now we’ve launched “Kickstarter Roundup,” a new column that looks at successful campaigns from recent months.

These roundups can serve as crystal balls for future books, comics, games, and music. And if you’re considering your own Kickstarter campaign, you can get an idea of which ones are likely to succeed.

In this installment, we cover campaigns that concluded in April, May, and June. We’re focusing strictly on successful campaigns, not those that were cancelled or failed to meet their funding goals.

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Upon a Twice Time

Creator: The Air and Nothingness Press. Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Launched: Mar 2, 2021. Ended: Apr 1, 2021.

Goal: US$3,500. Raised: US$10,343 from 233 backers.

Original news item from Mar 19, 2021:

The Air and Nothingness Press is on Kickstarter with Upon a Twice Time, a collection of fairy tale mashup stories slated for publication in July. It’s a follow-up to last year’s Upon a Once Time, in which 21 authors reimagined The Little Mermaid, Little Red Riding Hood, The Pied Piper of Hamelin, and other tales of yore.

So far, the publisher has received more than 350 entries for this one. “While we cannot include all the worthy stories sent in, we want to include as many as we are able to,” writes Todd Sanders, editor and director of Air and Nothingness Press.

More info: Kickstarter page | The Air and Nothingness Press website

Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen - Hardcover and Softcover

Creator: Inverse Press. Location: Fairhope, AL, USA

Launched: Mar 7, 2021. Ended: Mar 21, 2021.

Goal: US$3,000. Raised: US$7,092 from 134 backers.

Original news item from Mar 12, 2021:

Inverse Press is on Kickstarter with hardcover and softcover editions of Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen, a steampunk/western comic book series. It tells the story of shootist Cager Dobbin, who defends the town of Promise against the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The 112-page volume collects all four installments of the series plus a preview issue with origin stories of three horsemen.

More info: Kickstarter page

Of My Own Space and Time I Am Queen

Creator: Unwoman. Location: Martinez, CA, USA

Launched: Mar 8, 2021. Ended: Apr 9, 2021.

Goal: US$6,000. Raised: US$10,552 from 314 backers.

Original news item from Mar 12, 2021:

Unwoman is seeking Kickstarter funds for Of My Own Space and Time I Am Queen, her eighth original album and 14th overall. The singer/composer/cellist describes it as the product of soul-searching over the past year, with “a lot of serious topics, very middle-aged topics.” Backers will get the album in July before its official release. A pledge of $1 or more will entitle you to a download.

More info: Kickstarter page

Hopeless, Maine: The Graphic Novel

Creator: Tom Brown. Location: Kansas City, MO, USA

Launched: Mar 23, 2021. Ended: Apr 22, 2021.

Goal: US$5,500. Raised: US$11,280 from 372 backers.

Original news item from Apr 16, 2021:

Tom and Nimue Brown, along with Outland Entertainment, are on Kickstarter with a new hardcover edition of Hopeless Maine Book One: Personal Demons. The graphic novel is set on an island off the coast of Maine that is “cut off from the rest of the world and lost in time.” It’s a coming-of-age story about Salamandra, a “child who is not a child” with magical powers.

The new 144-page edition features a new cover, new lettering, and revamped graphic design. The publisher plans to print 1000 copies. Rewards also include an RPG based on the series.

More info: Kickstarter page | Hopeless Maine website

The Gauge Master

Creator: Pramzius Watches. Location: Colchester, CT, USA

Launched: Mar 24, 2021. Ended: Apr 23, 2021.

Goal: US$6,877. Raised: US$46,915 from 115 backers.

Original news item from Apr 2, 2021:

Pramzius Watches of Colchester, Connecticut is on Kickstarter with “The Gauge Master,” a series of watches with steampunk styling. The outer dials are made from metal from 19th and 20th century locomotives, and the inner dials are inspired by gauges from the Vapeur Val-de-Travers railroad museum in Switzerland. The manufacturer says they’re the museum’s official timepiece.

The minimum pledge to obtain a watch is US $399.

More info: Kickstarter page | Pramzius Watches website

Ruin - Volume One

Creator: Authocracy Studios. Location: Reading, UK

Launched: Mar 24, 2021. Ended: Apr 16, 2021.

Goal: £5,000 (US$6,888). Raised: £11,537 (US$15,898) from 228 backers.

Original news item from Apr 2, 2021:

Authocracy Studios of Reading, UK launched a Kickstarter campaign for Volume One of Ruin, an illustrated steampunk fantasy novel written by Brandon L. Berryhill with artwork by Brandon Ellis. It tells the story of an airship crew on a dangerous adventure in a desert world. The book has gamified elements, and rewards include a tabletop RPG based on the story.

More info: Kickstarter page | Authocracy Studios website

NESTRE — Steampunk Jewelry

Creator: Ernoldas Pocius. Location: Klaipeda, Lithuania

Launched: Mar 29, 2021. Ended: Apr 28, 2021.

Goal: £500 (US$689). Raised: £2,623 (US$3,614) from 76 backers.

Original news item from Apr 2, 2021:

Ernoldas Pocius is on Kickstarter with “NESTRE,” a line of handmade steampunk jewelry made from recycled watch movements. They include cufflinks, earrings, rings, pendants, tie clips, and bracelets. Most items come in a variety of color schemes.

Pocius also sells his work on Etsy.

More info: Kickstarter page

Boston Metaphysical Society: The Book of Demons

Creator: Madeleine Holly-Rosing. Location: Los Angeles, USA

Launched: Mar 30, 2021. Ended: Apr 29, 2021.

Goal: US$4,200. Raised: US$36,377 from 998 backers.

Original news item from Apr 2, 2021:

Madeleine Holly-Rosing has launched her ninth Kickstarter campaign, this time for Boston Metaphysical Society: The Book of Demons. It’s the latest in a series of graphic novels that she’s described as a Victorian-era take on The X-Files. It’s set in an alternate-history version of the U.S. where the protagonists battle supernatural forces. In this one, medium and spirit photographer Caitlin is kidnapped by a wealthy, powerful family and forced to enslave demons.

More info: Kickstarter page

Arcane Sally & Mr. Steam #6

Creator: Shane Amaya. Location: Los Angeles, USA

Launched: Apr 3, 2021. Ended: May 2, 2021.

Goal: US$5,000. Raised: US$8,596 from 328 backers.

Original news item from Apr 9, 2021:

Comic book producer Shane Amaya is back on Kickstarter with Arcane Sally & Mr. Steam #6, the latest installment in a supernatural Victorian mystery miniseries. As with the previous issue, he insists that it’s “not steampunk,” but given the 19th century setting and supernatural elements, it seems close enough.

The series presents the exploits of Lord Percival Cawthorne, his manservant Runnymeade, and a mysterious agent named Miss Sally in a world populated by ghosts and zombies. They’re contending with an elusive mastermind who wants to use the mathematical theories of Lewis Carroll for nefarious ends. “To crack the case,” we’re told, “the team must survive saber duels, steam-powered supercomputing engines, doomed airships, Russian femme fatales, and—most terrifying of all—strong-willed women!”

The comics are written by David Alton Hedges, a Los Angeles-based screenwriter, with art by Jefferson Costa of São Paulo, Brazil. They’re ultimately planning a 10-part series.

More info: Kickstarter page

Pneumatic Cases #1-4

Creator: Brant Fowler. Location: San Antonio, USA

Launched: Apr 15, 2021. Ended: May 30, 2021.

Goal: US$2,500. Raised: US$12,443 from 392 backers.

Original news item from Apr 23, 2021:

Last Ember Press is seeking Kickstarter funds for the third issue of Pneumatic Cases, a steampunk comic miniseries. The stories feature Lord and Lady Ravenscroft, a husband-and-wife team of inventors who also solve murders with the help of Pneuman, a steam-driven majordomo.

The series was created by writer and artist John Wilson along with penciler/inker Rowel Roque, colorist Lisa Moore, and letterer Clay Adams. The campaign also includes the first two issues of the series. The third issue will be the next-to-last installment.

More info: Kickstarter page | Last Ember Press website

Heirs of Isildur vs. Tales From Nocturnia

Creator: Insymmetry Creations. Location: Ocala, FL, USA

Launched: Apr 16, 2021. Ended: May 16, 2021.

Goal: US$3,500. Raised: US$10,563 from 196 backers.

Original news item from Apr 23, 2021:

Insymmetry Creations LLC has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new metal album with songs related to the publisher’s comic series, Heirs of Isildur and Tales from Nocturnia. Heirs of Isildur is a steampunk time-travel adventure whereas Tales from Nocturnia is a medieval fantasy. The album will have 10 tracks, five each for the two series. It will be available in MP3, CD, and vinyl formats.

The publisher is also offering Heirs of Isildur: Nightmare Scenario, a 28-page special-edition comic that follows up on a cliffhanger from the previous story arc, The Crossroads Conundrum.

Insymmetry Creations is a duo consisting of Matt Knowles in Florida and Steph Cannon in California.

More info: Kickstarter page | Insymmetry Creations website

Clockwork Curandera Vol. 1

Creator: Lee & Low Books. Location: New York City, USA

Launched: Apr 19, 2021. Ended: May 19, 2021.

Goal: US$6,000. Raised: US$10,771 from 368 backers.

Original news item from Apr 23, 2021:

Lee & Low Books is on Kickstarter with The Witch Owl Parliament, Volume 1 of the Clockwork Curandera comic series. The publisher describes it as a “steampunk graphic novel reimagining of Frankenstein set in colonial Mexico.” After apprentice shaman Cristina Franco is killed by witch owls, her brother Enrique uses “forbidden alchemy and engineering” to bring her back to life. The publisher adds that it features “a prominent queer love story.”

The series is created by David Bowles and Raul the Third with coloring by Stacey Robinson and lettering by Damian Duffy. Volume 1 will be available as a 112-page paperback in English and Spanish editions. It’s set for release on Oct. 19.

More info: Kickstarter page | Lee & Low Books website

The Pterrible Pteranodon

Creator: Tom Franklin. Location: Garner, NC, USA

Launched: Apr 26, 2021. Ended: May 26, 2021.

Goal: US$6,000. Raised: US$7,034 from 76 backers.

Original news item from Apr 30, 2021:

Tom Franklin of Garner, North Carolina is on Kickstarter with The Pterrible Pteranodon, a middle-grade steampunk fantasy book set in Victorian England. It tells the story of the eccentric Professor Delby and his steam-powered Pteranodon Pterrence, which escapes his lab and frightens Queen Victoria’s children. The Professor is given 48 hours to recapture his creation.

Rewards include limited-edition framed artwork of Pterrence and another featuring a steampunk bird named Sophie.

More info: Kickstarter page

My Father’s Work

Creator: Renegade Game Studios. Location: San Diego, USA

Launched: Apr 27, 2021. Ended: May 13, 2021.

Goal: US$10,000. Raised: US$920,101 from 10087 backers.

Original news item from May 7, 2021:

Time is running out on the hugely successful Kickstarter campaign for My Father’s Work, a tabletop game from Renegade Game Studios of San Diego. Designed for two to four players, the game consists of multiple gothic horror scenarios, each with more than 350 story events in a branching narrative. Each player takes the role of a Victorian-era mad scientist.

The game is set for delivery in February 2022. It will not be sold through general retail channels. The company plans to sell it on the website, but says you’ll get the best deal as a backer on Kickstarter. The campaign is open to late pledges

More info: Kickstarter page

Everwake - Volume 2

Creator: Bianca Loran. Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Launched: May 9, 2021. Ended: Jun 4, 2021.

Goal: CA$16,000 (US$13,189). Raised: CA$30,648 (US$25,254) from 257 backers.

Original news item from May 14, 2021:

Bianca Loran of Vancouver, BC is on Kickstarter with Volume 2 of Everwake, a steampunk fantasy comic with a “topsy-turvy ”‘Wonderland’ feel,” the creator says. Protagonists Zevryx Skye and Avi Fayt have been brought together by fate and find themselves pursued by the Demon Queen, who threatens the world with an infectious plague. Volume 2 takes the heroes to the steampunk-inspired capital city.

The softcover book will consist of 282 full-color pages. It’s adapted from a webcomic available at Webtoon. Loran, who serves as the writer and artist, also raises funds on Patreon.

More info: Kickstarter page

Silverline Double Feature

Creator: Silverline. Location: Orlando, FL, USA

Launched: May 12, 2021. Ended: May 30, 2021.

Goal: US$4,500. Raised: US$7,800 from 154 backers.

Original news item from May 21, 2021:

Comic book publisher Silverline is doubling up in a new Kickstarter campaign seeking funds for two unrelated graphic tales, Issue No. 2 of Divinity and Issue No. 1 of Steam Patriots.

The latter, the first in a four-part mini-series, is a steampunk retelling of the American Revolution. In this timeline, Ben Franklin has spurred a technological revolution with his refinement of the steam engine, and a young Mechanician’s Apprentice makes a discovery that could change the course of the war.

Divinity, also a four-issue mini-series, is a science fiction/superhero drama about an 11-year-old girl with mysterious healing powers.

The comic books will be offered as a double feature in PDF and printed flipbook formats.

More info: Kickstarter page | Silverline website

2022 Art Calendars

Creator: Erika Rae Heins. Location: Oak Harbor, USA

Launched: May 27, 2021. Ended: Jun 24, 2021.

Goal: US$1,500. Raised: US$2,351 from 47 backers.

Original news item from Jun 4, 2021:

Erika Rae Heins of Oak Harbor, Washington is on Kickstarter with a pair of 2022 art calendars: Once Upon a Time in Middle-Earth and Blooms and Bones. The latter features quotes from classic poems with Victorian gothic illustrations of flowers and bones. She also sells the artwork on Etsy as postcards, notecards, coffee mugs, and 8x10 prints.

The Middle-Earth calendar features illustrations inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

The campaign launched on May 27 and has met its US$1500 fundraising goal. It runs through June 24. See the Kickstarter page for more info.

More info: Kickstarter page

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