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Galveston Museum Opens Steampunk-Themed Submarine Attraction

Friday, November 22, 2019
Moody Gardens performer
Moody Gardens characters

Moody Gardens, a non-profit tourist destination in Galveston, Texas, has opened 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: An Interactive Adventure, an immersive experience that simulates an undersea voyage in a steampunk submarine. The journey includes encounters with a giant squid, killer whale, and other sea creatures. The sub will also tour a coral reef, Antarctic ice caves, undersea volcanoes, and an ancient lost city.

The show was created by Super 78 Studios, a Los Angeles company that develops interactive experiences for theme parks, museums, and other destinations. It uses Super 78’s Geppetto animation system, which allows a performer to portray a 3D character who can interact with the audience. In this production, the performer takes the part of Deep, a robotically enhanced pufferfish. The performer can also control lights, sounds, bubbles, and scents.

The exhibition is within the Discovery Pyramid, a science museum that’s one of three main attractions at Moody Gardens. The others are the Aquarium Pyramid and the Rainforest Pyramid.

See the Moody Gardens website for more info.

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