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Carriger’s Next ‘Delightfully Deadly’ Book Set for Oct. 1 Release

Thursday, July 8, 2021
Gail Carriger
Photo: Vanessa Applegate

Gail Carriger still hasn’t revealed the title of her forthcoming Delightfully Deadly novella, but she did announce the publication date, and it’s a special one for the author. She now expects to release the digital edition on Oct. 1, which happens to be the 12th anniversary of Soulless, her debut novel.

That makes it “my 12th author birthday,” Carriger wrote in an email to her fans. “Look at us, the Parasolverse is almost a teenager!”

For now, the novella is known simply as “Agatha’s book,” a reference to protagonist Agatha Woosmoss. Readers will recall that Agatha is London’s “greatest and most covert spy,” and her best skill is “her ability to go forever unnoticed. Except by one man.”

The book is now “done and turned in,” Carriger wrote, and a cover and audiobook version are both in the works. But she cautioned that audiobooks take a long time to produce.

Carriger released Poison or Protect, the first Delightfully Deadly book, in 2016. That was followed by last year’s Defy or Defend.

The novellas are written as standalone stories. The series is a spinoff of Carriger’s Finishing School books.

Meanwhile, the author is still urging fans to post Amazon reviews of Fan Service, the omnibus she recently released in digital form.

As we noted in an earlier story, Fan Service contains three previously released tales, the novellas Romancing the Werewolf and Romancing the Inventor plus a short story, “Meat Cute: The Hedgehog Incident.”

If you’ve posted reviews of those earlier works, she said it will be helpful if you re-post on the Amazon page for the new edition. Readers in the UK can post reviews here.

Keep up with all her activities by visiting her website and signing up for her newsletter.

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