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Antique Button Collectors Welcome Steampunks at Virtual Convention

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Collectors of antique buttons will be gathering online in late July, and they welcome steampunk artists to join. “All Aboard for Buttons” will be an “unconventional convention” hosted on Zoom by the National Button Society. It happens July 25-31 in place of the organization’s annual in-person convention.

Just to be clear: We’re talking about clothing buttons, not the political kind.

We were alerted to the event by Susan W. Smith, a button collector in Ottawa, Ontario. “If I wrote about collecting antique buttons here, I would get a few raised eyebrows, but our club members, who are avid steampunk artists, perk up and get interested,” she tells us.

The program will feature more than 50 Zoom events, including “Button University” classes, how-to craft workshops, and sessions on railroad uniforms, New England textiles, Art Nouveau style, and buttons that imitate fabrics.

Members can also enter the society’s first-ever Virtual Button Competition, in which judges will pick the best button arrangements based on photos uploaded by participants.

In case you want to add to your button collection, the society will host an online auction and a virtual dealer showroom.

Attendance is free for society members, or US$20 for non-members. Registration for non-members opens July 1. Annual memberships start at $35 for adults and include access to a members-only website.

Learn more on the National Button Society website.

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