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2022: The Year’s Top Kickstarters

Monday, January 2, 2023

Games, an art book, and a beloved gaslamp fantasy comic were the top draws among steampunk-related Kickstarter campaigns in 2022.

Leviathans: The Great War, a forthcoming revamp of a 10-year-old board game, attracted the most funding, more than US$600,000 over three weeks in August.

But two other projects – Sherlock Holmes the Awakened from Frogwares and Girl Genius: The Exorcism Engines from Studio Foglio – had the largest numbers of backers at 4,876 and 4,014 respectively.

Other notable projects included a board game based on Professor Elemental’s Apequest, an RPG inspired by Greg Broadmore’s Dr. Grordbort universe, a new Frenchy and the Punk album, an ambitious “brickfilm” movie, and a host of graphic novels.

What follows is a compilation of every successful steampunk-related Kickstarter campaign that came to our attention last year. It begins with the five campaigns that raised the most funds, and then others are grouped by category.

Our methodology is simple: Each week, we search Kickstarter for campaigns containing the word “steampunk.” Those go into Steampunk Digest, our weekly news column, plus occasional crowdfunding roundups. In some cases, we also get word of other campaigns that may interest our readers and include those as well.

From there, the information goes into a database that allows us to analyze the campaigns in various ways. The listing is limited to campaigns that ended in 2022, so those that run into 2023 are not included.

Note that U.S. dollar conversions reflect the approximate currency exchange rates when the campaigns were active, not the current rates.

Top Campaigns

Leviathans: The Great War

Creator: Catalyst Games. Location: Seattle, WA, USA

Launched: Aug. 2, 2022. Ended: Aug. 22, 2022.

Goal: US$40,000. Raised: US$623,103 from 2163 backers.

Catalyst Games scored big with its crowdfunding campaign for this tabletop game, which is set in an alternate early-20th century timeline where world powers battle one another with flying warships. The publisher originally released it in 2012, but now promises an expanded version with new ships, factions, and abilities.

The game is slated for delivery in Sept. 2023. It follows the 2021 release of Leviathans: Armored Skies, an anthology set in the same alternate world, with stories by Harry Turtledove, S.M. Stirling, William H. Keith, Jr., and others.

More info: Kickstarter page | Catalyst Games website


Creator: Dream Realm Storytellers. Location: Southport, UK

Launched: May 17, 2022. Ended: June 16, 2022.

Goal: £7,700 (US$9,656). Raised: £209,803 (US$263,093) from 3992 backers.

Dream Realm defines “bloodpunk” as a re-imagining of punk genres in which technology is powered by blood. The concept is central to this RPG, which serves as “a dark setting and an adventure” for Dungeons and Dragons 5E. It takes place in a dystopic fantasy setting known as Topia with an aesthetic that combines Victorian and Art Deco styles. Hardcover editions are slated to ship in March.

More info: Kickstarter page

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened

Creator: Frogwares. Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Launched: Aug. 4, 2022. Ended: Sept. 3, 2022.

Goal: €70,000 (US$71,193). Raised: €252,599 (US$256,893) from 4876 backers.

Frogwares, a video game studio in Kyiv, originally released this game in 2006 and is now preparing a reworked version. It combines the worlds of Arthur Conan Doyle and H.P. Lovecraft, pitting a young Sherlock Holmes and John Watson against a Cthulhu-worshipping sect.

The company released a gameplay trailer on YouTube in November. It’s scheduled for delivery next month.

More info: Kickstarter page | Frogwares website

Castle in the Stars: The Universe in 1875

Creator: Caurette Editions. Location: Strasbourg, France

Launched: Nov. 4, 2022. Ended: Dec. 5, 2022.

Goal: €8,000 (US$8,257). Raised: €217,457 (US$224,416) from 1886 backers.

This 220-page art book features the work of writer and illustrator Alex Alice, who described it as a “dream project” that builds on his Castle in the Stars graphic novels for children. The stories are set in a world where space exploration began in the 19th century.

The art book, slated for delivery in April, includes 100 reproductions of Alice’s watercolors, many of which are new. Taking the guise of a travel book, it will also feature sketches, maps, and immersive texts by Alex Nikolavitch.

More info: Kickstarter page

Girl Genius: The Exorcism Engines

Creator: Studio Foglio. Location: Seattle, WA, USA

Launched: April 14, 2022. Ended: May 16, 2022.

Goal: US$70,000. Raised: US$185,911 from 4014 backers.

Phil and Kaja Foglio once again successfully crowdfunded a collection of their hugely popular Gaslamp fantasy comics. The books tell the continuing story of Agatha Heterodyne, “the last of a notorious family in which the spark of mad science runs strong.” This release will be Book Seven of a series entitled The Second Journey of Agatha Heterodyne and the 20th volume overall. The paperback and hardcover editions are slated to ship this month.

More info: Kickstarter page

Tabletop Games


Creator: Mark Powell. Location: Banbury, UK

Launched: Aug. 26, 2022. Ended: Sept. 25, 2022.

Goal: £6,520 (US$7,474). Raised: £21,508 (US$24,648) from 752 backers.

This board game was inspired by Professor Elemental’s 2015 album of the same name. The premise: Your orangutan butler “has stolen your time travel trousers. . . and now you have to search time and space to get them back.” The game is designed for one to four players, each of whom takes the identity of a different “parallel Professor.”

The Professor himself discussed the game in a recent episode of The World of Steampunk, our new video series. It’s set for delivery in May 2023.

More info: Kickstarter page | Mark Powell website

Dr. Grordbort’s Scientific Adventure Violence

Creator: Crowbar Creative. Location: Springfield, VA, USA

Launched: Aug 23, 2022. Ended: Sep 22, 2022.

Goal: US$30,000. Raised: US$111,411 from 2316 backers.

Crowbar Creative successfully crowdfunded this campaign for a roleplaying game based on Greg Broadmore’s steampunk-themed Dr. Grordbort universe. Crowbar described it as a “retro-futuristic, pulp sci-fi setting and supplement for tabletop role-playing gamery” and as a “unique and comprehensive guide to creating outlandish, interplanetary adventures.”

It’s designed for use with the D&D 5E system. The sourcebook, to be available in hardcover and PDF formats, will feature illustrations by Broadmore. It’s slated to ship in June 2023.

More info: Kickstarter page | Crowbar Creative website

This was a late addition to our roundup.

Trinity Continuum: Aether

Creator: Onyx Path Publishing. Location: Macungie, PA, USA

Launched: July 19, 2022. Ended: Aug. 19, 2022.

Goal: US$20,000. Raised: US$56,758 from 1100 backers.

Trinity Continuum is a series of tabletop roleplaying games set in different eras, and this one takes place in 1895, after Nikola Tesla has learned how to harness a powerful new energy source. “Now, Aether users dot the globe, silently spinning and unwinding with ease while Victorian era society goes about unaware of the dangerous experiments taking place in underground laboratories, dark alleys, and foreign worlds,” the publisher explained.

The sourcebook will be available in digital and hardcover editions with estimated delivery in March 2024. Backers also have access to manuscript previews.

More info: Kickstarter page | Onyx Path Publishing website

Space 1889: After

Creator: Strange Owl Games. Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA

Launched: Nov. 15, 2022. Ended: Dec. 15, 2022.

Goal: US$15,000. Raised: US$40,529 from 710 backers.

This game is a follow-up to Space 1889, an RPG first published in 1988 by Game Designers’ Workshop and later re-released by other publishers. The new version is set 10 years later. Players can take the roles of humans, ogres, Martians, Venusians, and clockwork automatons, encountering pirates, environmental hazards, and alien landscapes as they navigate through skies and outer space. It’s slated for delivery in March.

More info: Kickstarter page | Strange Owl Games website

Vulcania - Beyond the Storm

Creator: Gear Games. Location: Turin, Italy

Launched: Jan 18, 2022. Ended: Feb. 3, 2022.

Goal: €5,000 (US$5,675). Raised: €32,156 (US$36,497) from 339 backers.

Beyond the Storm is a follow-up to the publisher’s Vulcania tabletop RPG, which is set in the northern hemisphere of a steampunk fantasy world. Humans populate six island nations, each with its own unique ecology and social landscape.

The follow-up adds two volumes to the game’s core rulebook. It takes players to the continent of Letvia in the southern hemisphere, which was previously off limits due to a storm wall around the equator. New technology protects smaller airships as they cross the barrier, allowing them to explore the uncharted land.

More info: Kickstarter page

Ironclads: Space Battles in the Victorian Aether

Creator: Triple Ace Games. Location: Melksham, UK

Launched: Dec. 13, 2021. Ended: Jan 12, 2022.

Goal: £500 (US$662). Raised: £7,098 (US$9,398) from 180 backers.

The creator described this as a “ship-to-ship tactical tabletop game set in a Victorian steampunk universe.” Designed for two or more players, it takes place in an alt-world 1890, when global powers have taken their battles to outer space in “mighty aether ships.”

The game is now available to public from the Triple Ace Games website. Kickstarter backers received an all-digital version of the game, but physical versions are also available.

Correction: This description originally stated that the game is available to the public exclusively in a digital format. It’s also available in physical versions.

More info: Kickstarter page | Triple Ace Games website

The Mad Lab

Creator: Matthew David. Location: Appleton, WI, USA

Launched: Oct. 13, 2022. Ended: Nov. 15, 2022.

Goal: US$150. Raised: US$6,256 from 520 backers.

The Mad Lab is the latest entry in David’s Penny Blood Adventure series of horror-themed Dungeons & Dragons 5e games. He described this one as a mash-up of Frankenstein’s monster and The Island of Doctor Moreau. It takes place in a coastal town where a mad doctor’s creations have escaped to a small island. Meanwhile, the town sheriff is offering a reward for adventurers who can drive the doctor away.

More info: Kickstarter page

The Epiphany Club and the Great Library of Alexandria

Creator: Russell Phillips. Location: Stoke-on-Trent, UK

Launched: May 17, 2022. Ended: June 14, 2022.

Goal: £300 (US$377). Raised: £778 (US$978) from 76 backers.

This game was inspired by Andrew Knighton’s steampunk novel The Epiphany Club, about a Victorian gentleman’s club whose members travel across Europe and Africa in search of the long-lost Great Library of Alexandria. It's designed for use with Risus: The Anything RPG, but the creator said it can also be adapted for other tabletop game systems.

The campaign book shipped to backers in October. Phillips said it will also be released to the public via DriveThruRPG.

More info: Kickstarter page

Steampunks vs. Solarpunks

Creator: Ed and Matthew Carter. Location: Norwich, UK

Launched: Aug. 25, 2022. Ended: Sept. 10, 2022.

Goal: £500 (US$574). Raised: £744 (US$854) from 36 backers.

The Carters, a father-and-son team, described Steampunks vs. Solarpunks as a trick-taking card game (like Pinochle or Whist) for two to five players. It features a deck of 52 cards, including “Steampunk,” “Solarpunk,” “Chromepunk,” and “Cyberpunk” cards, plus small glass bidding tokens and a double-sided bag that indicates whether trumps are “Steam” or “Solar.” It shipped in October.

More info: Kickstarter page

Comics and Graphic Novels

Boston Metaphysical Society - Vol. 2

Creator: Madeleine Holly-Rosing. Location: Los Angeles, USA

Launched: April 12, 2022. Ended: May 12, 2022.

Goal: US$6,700. Raised: US$34,596 from 920 backers.

Holly-Rosing’s Boston Metaphysical Society tells the story of paranormal investigators in an alternate history 19th-century America. This trade paperback contains four previously published sequels to the original series plus a new exclusive 10-page story entitled “The Meeting.” It shipped to backers in September.

More info: Kickstarter page

Aldous Spark and the Feast of the Unspoiled

Creator: Peter Miriani. Location: Los Angeles, USA

Launched: March 2, 2022. Ended: April 7, 2022.

Goal: US$5,000. Raised: US$12,325 from 333 backers.

Miriani, a Los Angeles-based writer, successfully funded the second in a four-volume series of steampunk graphic novels. He describes title character Aldous Spark as a Vaudeville magician and inventor in the late 19th century who moonlights as “an anarchic social bandit and foe of tyranny” along the lines of Robin Hood. The book shipped to backers in October.

More info: Kickstarter page

Democritus Brand and The Endless Machine

Creator: Cullen Bunn. Location: Springfield, MO, USA

Launched: Nov. 17, 2022. Ended: Dec. 17, 2022.

Goal: US$11,000. Raised: US$11,093 from 334 backers.

Author Cullen Bunn successfully funded Issues 3 and 4 of this steampunk horror comic series, which he co-authored with JimmyZ Johnston. It takes place in the late 19th century, decades after the discovery of alien technology in Egypt that changes the course of history. Professor Democritus Brand leads a team of adventurers who seek “to solve a mystery that could very well unlock the secrets of the world and the cosmos.” The new installments are slated for delivery next month.

More info: Kickstarter page

Crimson Rhen Vol. 1

Creator: Clownfish Studios. Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Launched: Oct. 28, 2022. Ended: Nov. 17, 2022.

Goal: US$1,000. Raised: US$10,813 from 160 backers.

This graphic novel, a prequel to the popular Shadowbinders YA fantasy comic, tells the story of an airship crew in search of treasure. The publisher described it as a “classic adventure in the vein of The Goonies” and as a “manga-style quest featuring steampunk, fantasy, magic and fun.”

It will be the first of a two-part series and is slated for delivery in March. Clownfish also crowdfunded the book on Indiegogo, raising nearly $90,000 from 1311 backers.

More info: Kickstarter page

Heirs of Isildur: The Perilous Prospects

Creator: Insymmetry Creations. Location: Ocala, FL, USA

Insymmetry Creations ran two successful Kickstarter campaigns for this new story arc in the Heirs of Isildur graphic novel series. In this installment, a lab explosion unleashes an apocalyptic event that creates pandemonium and conflict in the puritanical steampunk village of Shadow’s Haven.

The first campaign, launched in February, raised $8,281 from 187 backers to fund Book One, which began shipping in May. Creators Matt Knowles and Steph Cannon followed it in October and November with a campaign for Book Two, which raised $8,652 from 194 backers. It’s slated for delivery next month.

More info: Book One | Book Two

Hopeless, Maine Book Two: Inheritance

Creators: Tom and Nimue Brown/Outland Entertainment. Location: Gloucestershire, UK/Kansas City

Launched: Feb. 15, 2022. Ended: March 17, 2022.

Goal: US$4,000. Raised: US$6,769 from 255 backers.

Publisher Outland Entertainment collaborated with creators Tom and Nimue Brown to fund and publish a new edition of this graphic novel. The Hopeless, Maine stories, described as “dark fantasy” and “gothic fairy tales,” are set on an island off the coast of Maine that is “cut off from the rest of the world and lost in time.” The second volume features the continuing adventures of Salamandra, a mysterious girl with magical powers. The repackaged editions feature new covers, new lettering, and revised designs.

Tom Brown discussed the graphic novels in the first episode of The World of Steampunk.

More info: Kickstarter page

A Steampunk Carol

Creator: Last Ember Press. Location: San Antonio, TX, USA

Launched: July 26, 2022. Ended: Aug. 26, 2022.

Goal: US$16,000. Raised: US$16,991 from 420 backers.

The publisher described A Steampunk Carol as a steampunk-themed graphic novel that re-imagines the classic Christmas tale, “The Nutcracker and Mouse King.” That story eventually inspired The Nutcracker, the ballet scored by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

In this new adaptation, created by Luca Firgerio and Lorenza Pigliamosche, young Caitlin Ward receives a gift of a tin soldier, setting off a series of unexpected events.

More info: Kickstarter page

Coddlesworth’s Clockwork Circus

Creator: Rem Alternis Productions. Location: Albany, NY, USA

Launched: Aug. 16, 2022. Ended: Sept. 15, 2022.

Goal: US$5,000. Raised: US$5,496 from 122 backers.

Rem Alternis Productions successfully funded Issue #2 of this steampunk fantasy comic book series. The first issue introduced Drum and Imari, who venture from their native lands in search of the truth behind a dark legend. In the second installment, they’re assisted by benefactors who are part of a traveling circus with clockwork automatons.

More info: Kickstarter page | Rem Alternis Productions website

Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen: Conquest

Creator: Flatline Comics. Location: Fairhope, AL, USA

Launched: April 10, 2022. Ended: April 24, 2022.

Goal: US$3,000. Raised: US$4,966 from 163 backers.

Flatline Comics successfully funded the second issue of Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen: Conquest, a new comic series. The series is four-issue follow-up to Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen, a steampunk western that told the story of shootist Cager Dobbin as he defended the town of Promise from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The comic book shipped to backers in May, and the publisher now plans to launch a new campaign for the third issue on Jan. 15.

More info: Kickstarter page


Spirit Machine

Creator: The Air and Nothingness Press. Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Launched: Feb. 1, 2022. Ended: March 3, 2022.

Goal: US$5,000. Raised: US$6,801 from 159 backers.

The publisher described Spirit Machine as “an anthology that merges science fiction with spiritualism and a dash of steampunk.” The 356-page softcover volume features 28 new original stories split evenly between science fiction and steampunk. It shipped to backers in March and is now available to the public in a limited edition of 375 numbered copies.

More info: Kickstarter page | The Air and Nothingness Press website

Genesis: Until the Stars Burn Cold

Creator: Ryan Ingram. Location: Tampa, FL, USA

Launched: June 3, 2022. Ended: Aug. 2, 2022.

Goal: US$5,000. Raised: US$5,218 from 57 backers.

Ingram, aka Spoon R. Douglas, described this as a fantasy fiction novel that “explores mental health through allegory in a psychedelic steampunk setting.” Co-authored with Chris Fritz, the book is aimed at “young adult readers and folks dealing with depression, anxiety, grief and/or loss,” he wrote. It will include full-color illustrations. It’s slated for release in January, 2023.

More info: Kickstarter page

The Keeper

Creator: Dianne Gardner. Location: Port Orchard, WA, USA

Launched: July 15, 2022. Ended: Aug. 16, 2022.

Goal: US$200. Raised: US$2,009 from 58 backers.

Gardner described this novel as a spinoff of her Sword of Cho Nisi fantasy series. The story takes place on the island of Cho Nisi in the kingdom of Prasa Potama, where “things have quieted down” until steampunk invaders arrive and steal the island’s magic. It shipped to backers in September.

More info: Kickstarter page | Dianne Gardner website

Bodacious Creed and the San Francisco Syndicate

Creator: Jonathan Fesmire. Location: Anaheim, CA, USA

Launched: March 30, 2022. Ended: April 14, 2022.

Goal: US$300. Raised: US$1,681 from 57 backers.

Fesmire, a self-published author, described this as the third and final novel in his steampunk zombie western series. Digital editions shipped to backers in November and it’s now available to the public.

More info: Kickstarter page | Author’s website

Color the Multiverse

Creator: Bonsart Bokel. Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Launched: Aug. 4, 2022. Ended: Sept. 3, 2022.

Goal: €750 (US$766). Raised: €1,598 (US$1,632) from 34 backers.

Bokel successfully funded this coloring book, which features artwork from his steampunk series, The Association of Ishtar. It shipped to backers in November.

More info: Kickstarter page | Bonsart Bokel website


Creator: Barbara G. Tarn. Location: Rome, Italy

Launched: March 22, 2022. Ended: April 19, 2022.

Goal: €500 (US$549). Raised: €885 (US$972) from 46 backers.

Tarn described Otherside as a prose fiction series set in a world “of steam-powered science and magic.” It’s a “world without cats,” she wrote, “because cats turn into humans when they step through the portals to Otherside.” She wrote the first installment, a novella, in 2018. Paperback copies shipped to backers in May.

More info: Kickstarter page

Film & Video

Wandering Skies

Creator: Monitogo Studios LLC. Location: Springfield, MO, USA

Launched: Sept. 13, 2022. Ended: Oct. 23, 2022.

Goal: US$15,000. Raised: US$16,576 from 85 backers.

Monitogo Studios LLC crowdfunded Wandering Skies, an ambitious stop-motion animated “brickfilm” series set in a steampunk world. Produced and directed by Greg Tull, the series will tell the story of a single mother and her brilliant neurodivergent son in a world of floating islands. “Brickfilm” refers to animated films made with Lego bricks or similar materials.

Tull is aiming to produce four seasons, each with at least 32 25-minute episodes. He estimates a minimum production budget of US$1.5 million per season. He plans to use funds from the campaign to create a pitch package for potential investors.

More info: Kickstarter page | Monitogo Studios LLC website

Black Annis

Creator: Lauren Hanks. Location: Southampton, UK

Launched: Dec. 6, 2021. Ended: Feb. 4, 2022.

Goal: £6,000 (US$8,228). Raised: £6,091 (US$8,351) from 60 backers.

Lauren Hanks, a film producer, successfully crowdfunded this short horror movie set in Victorian England. It’s “about the unfortunate people of lower-class England and how some tales aren’t just tales after all,” explained writer/director Joe Searle.

More info: Kickstarter page


Zen Ghost

Creator: Frenchy and the Punk. Location: New Paltz, NY, USA

Launched: March 7, 2022. Ended: April 7, 2022.

Goal: US$11,777. Raised: US$16,347 from 218 backers.

Frenchy and the Punk launched this campaign to fund production and promotion costs for their seventh full-length album. Aside from CDs and digital downloads, rewards included themed apparel, a live stream concert, handwritten lyrics, and Frenchy’s Finger Puppet Bat.

They also found one backer who opted for a private house concert (minimum pledge $707) and three who went for the “Custom Mega People’s Choice Reward” (minimum pledge $1,007). The latter allowed backers to negotiate for a custom package including custom art, customized clothing, or a private live stream concert.

The duo released the album in October.

More info: Kickstarter page

The Charity Sessions EP

Creators: Unwoman and Klingon Pop Warrior. Locations: Martinez, CA, and Chicago, IL

Launched: Feb. 9, 2022. Ended: Feb. 16, 2022.

Goal: US$300. Raised: US$1,357 from 234 backers.

In 2021, Unwoman teamed with Commander Jenbom, aka the Klingon Pop Warrior, to record five songs as part of a charity fundraiser. The Kickstarter campaign raised funds for a professionally mastered EP now available on Bandcamp. The songs are “Love Is A Battlefield,” “Hungry Like The Wolf,” “I Love Rock & Roll,” “Time After Time,” and “Dream On.” They’re sung in Klingon by Klingon Pop Warrior with arrangements by Unwoman.

More info: Kickstarter page


BritCon 2022

Creator: BritCon. Location: Seattle, WA, USA

Launched: May 15, 2022. Ended: June 19, 2022.

Goal: US$2,000. Raised: US$6,331 from 40 backers.

BritCon is a Seattle-area convention in Seattle that aims to celebrate British science fiction and fantasy. The organizers launched the crowdfunding campaign to help cover expenses for the 2022 event, held Aug. 5-7.

Guests included actor Paul McGann, who portrayed the Eighth Doctor in a 1996 TV movie. The organizers also recruited “British Steampunk Nobility” Lady M and Count Rostov as special guests.

More info: Kickstarter page


Steampunk Sailor Pins

Creator: Christopher Lee. Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA

Lee, a former Disney Imagineer, ran three successful campaigns for “Steampunk Sailor” enamel pins. The pins depict steampunk versions of characters inspired by the Sailor Moon anime/manga series.

More info: Steampunk Sailors 1 | Steampunk Sailors 2 | Steampunk Sailors 3 | Etsy page

Nestre Jewellery

Creator: Ernoldas Pocius. Location: Klaipeda, Lithuania

Pocius ran two successful campaigns for handmade steampunk jewelry and accessories made from old watch movements. You can choose from bracelets, tie clips, pendants, rings, earrings, and cufflinks in a variety of metallic colors. These were his eighth and ninth campaigns for the pieces. He also sells his wares through his Nestre Jewellery Etsy shop.

More info: Spring campaign | Fall campaign | Etsy page

Steampunk Commemorative Coins

Creator: Amelia Chan. Location: Hong Kong, China

Launched: July 13, 2022. Ended: Aug. 3, 2022.

Goal: HK$3,000 (US$382). Raised: HK$5,425 (US$689) from 14 backers.

Chan offered steampunk-themed commemorative coins in three versions: Steampunk Boy, Steampunk Girl, and Steampunk Bird. They’re made from copper-zinc alloy with an antiqued bronze finish. They began shipping in September.

More info: Kickstarter page

3D-Printable Models

The following creators ran successful campaigns for 3D-printable models designed for use with tabletop games:

Creator: Tired World Studio. Campaign: Zilvren Skyhold. Location: Melbourne, Australia

Launched: Jan 31, 2022. Ended: March 2, 2022.

Goal: AU$3,500 (US$2,496). Raised: AU$45,223 (US$32,244) from 644 backers.

More info: Kickstarter page

Creator: Archangel Design. Campaign: Hangar Z15. Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Launched: Oct. 15, 2022. Ended: Nov. 9, 2022.

Goal: US$25. Raised: US$4,700 from 233 backers.

More info: Kickstarter page

Creator: Johannes-Marius Lehmann. Campaign: Red Brick District. Location: Vienna, Austria

Launched: Oct. 5, 2022. Ended: Oct. 26, 2022.

Goal: €100 (US$99). Raised: €1,559 (US$1,543) from 110 backers.

More info: Kickstarter page

Creator: Laura Galiyeva. Campaign: Steampunk Architecture, Interior and Cars. Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Launched: May 12, 2022. Ended: June 8, 2022.

Goal: CA$400 (US$311). Raised: CA$1,077 (US$838) from 22 backers.

More info: Kickstarter page

Creator: The Exotic Greeble. Campaign: Ethercore Skyport. Location: Houston, USA

Launched: April 24, 2022. Ended: May 24, 2022.

Goal: US$500. Raised: US$617 from 28 backers.

More info: Kickstarter page

Creator: Piotr Sajewicz. Campaign: Scenery Elements and Mechs. Location: York, UK

Launched: Feb. 26, 2022. Ended: March 19, 2022.

Goal: £75 (US$100). Raised: £136 (US$181) from 14 backers.

More info: Kickstarter page

This story was updated with information about the Crowbar Creative campaign for Dr. Grordbort’s Scientific Adventure Violence.

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