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Edwardian Ball and World’s Faire

The Edwardian Ball and World’s Faire is a two-day neo-vintage extravaganza in San Francisco. It consists of two main events that combine elements of a circus, music festival, art exhibition, and masquerade party. They pay tribute to writer and illustrator Edward Gorey (1925-2000), whose books are known for dark humor and Victorian or Edwardian stylings.

The events are held at the Regency Ballroom, originally a Masonic lodge with Beaux-Arts styling that opened in 1909.

The World’s Faire is typically held on Friday evening and the Ball on Saturday evening. The events are similar, but each features a different musical lineup and the World’s Faire reserves part of the main ballroom for art installations. Both events include a vendor area in the basement and an art exhibition on the upper floor, which also serves as a secondary performance venue.

The events are presented by Paradox Media and the Vau De Vire Society.