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Victor and the Bully

Victor and the Bully are a London-based musical trio who often perform at steampunk events.

They describe their music as “a ‘carnival blend’ of live ukulele and acoustic guitar with a twist of orchestral instruments to provide a very theatrical and cabaret-like sound. Inspired by steampunk, swing, mariachi, classical , electro-swing and punk to bring a very different vibe.”

“Victor” is Victor Ghastly, who plays ukulele and sings lead vocals. He is also a solo performer. He's joined by two relatively recent additions to the band, Crowboy and Halo.

Location: South East London, UK

Major releases: Embrace the Disgrace (2022), Quarantinis: This Time It’s Worse N’All (2021), Clockwork Kaboom (solo album by Victor Ghastly – 2020), Memento Mori (2019), 8th Deadly Sin (2018), Deathbed Confessions (2016)