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Unwoman (aka Erica Mulkey) is a classically trained cellist-singer-songwriter.

She has performed at major steampunk, goth, and sci-fi events across the U.S., including TeslaCon, Dragon Con, Worldcon, and Clockwork Alchemy. During her shows, she's known for her live-looping accompaniment on electric cello.

Circling, her sixth original album, received 2015 Steampunk Chronicle Reader's Choice Awards for Best Solo Musician and Best Album.

She has collaborated with Abney Park, Rasputina, Aurelio Voltaire, and others, and was featured in Vintage Tomorrows, a documentary about steampunk.

Location: San Francisco area.

Major releases: Of My Own Space and Time I Am Queen (2021), The Love Apocalypse - Uncovered Volume 6 (2020), Uncovered Volumes 4 & 5 (2019), War Stories (2018), Uncovered Volume 3 (2016), Circling (2014), Lemniscate: Uncovered Volume 2 (2013), The Fires I Started (2012), Uncovered Volume 1 (2011), Casualties (2010), Unremembered (2010), The Keys (2009), Trouble (2008), Blossoms (2007), Wildness & Artifice (2005), Knowledge Scars (2002), Infinitesimal (1999)