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Abney Park

Abney Park is a pioneering steampunk band founded in 1997 by Robert Brown, who is the lead singer and primary songwriter. At first it performed as a goth industrial band but adopted a steampunk style in 2005.

The band has created a backstory in which the members are airship pirates in a postapocalyptic world. In addition to its music, the band has released a series of novels and role-playing games.

Major releases: Technoshanties (2021), Esoterica (2020), Abney Park’s New Nostalgics (2019), Iconoclast (2019), Scallywag (2018), Crash (2017), Under The Floor, Over The Wall (2016), Wasteland (2015), Nomad (2014), The Circus At The End Of The World (2013), Live At The End Of Days (2013), Ancient World (2012), Through Your Eyes On Christmas Eve (2012), Off The Grid (2011), The End Of Days (2010), Æther Shanties (2009), Lost Horizons (2008)

Location: Seattle