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The World of Steampunk

Welcome to “The World of Steampunk.” I’m your host, Stephen Beale, founder and editor of The Steampunk Explorer. I created this online exhibition for the virtual attendees at Stay Home Comic Con, but anyone is welcome to view it.

“Exhibition” is my fancy way of saying it’s a photo gallery. But it’s a good one. I scoured two years’ worth of photos from The Steampunk Explorer and picked many of my favorites, almost 100 in all. You’ll find cosplay, events, art projects, and lots more. I promised “Astonishing Costumes,” “Mystifying Inventions,” “Hair-Raising Adventures,” and “Bizarre Tea Rituals,” and that’s what you’ll get, including the tea rituals.

I’ve added new captions to create what amounts to a short documentary about many aspects of steampunk culture. The major omissions are steampunk literature and music, but elsewhere on this site you will find extensive listings of steampunk authors as well as musicians who frequently perform at steampunk events.

Would you like to learn more about what you see here? I’ve set up a page with links to the stories and galleries where these photos first appeared on the site.

If you’re not familiar with steampunk, I’ve written a concise guide that explains the basics.

If you like what you see, I encourage you to sign up for our free weekly e-newsletter, Steampunk Digest.

Now please dim the lights, adjust your goggles, and enjoy your journey.

If you’re on a PC, you can hover in the upper right of the gallery for controls that will allow you to expand it to full screen.