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Steampunk Performers on Bandcamp

On selected Fridays, Bandcamp will waive its revenue share on music sales as a way to support artists who use the platform. We’ve compiled this list to make it easier to find steampunk musicians. Normally, Bandcamp gets 15% of sales from digital downloads and 10% from sales of CDs, but on Bandcamp Fridays, all sales go straight to the artists. It runs midnight to midnight Pacific Time. Here is the announcement.

A Halo Called Fred — "The greatest guitar, bass, violin, and Tupperware band in the history of all time and space. Gracing the New Jersey geek community with their catchy, funny, and unabashedly irreverent music for over 25 years." Location: New Brunswick, NJ. Find on Bandcamp

Black Sheikhs — A band in West Yorkshire that describe their music as “heady concoctions of swing, punk, pop and rock, steaming into the 21st century.” Find on Bandcamp

Brother Spellbinder — The band describes its sound as a mix of “folk, eastern European, classical and rock” elements with “plaintive vocals, unusual arrangements, and a variety of textures.” Find on Bandcamp

The Cogkneys — Described as “a music hall inspired duo presenting music hall merriment and steampunk delights.” Find on Bandcamp

Dustbowl Faeries — A “dark-carnival band” with instrumentation that includes accordion, singing saw, ukulele, lap-steel/guitar and percussion. Find on Bandcamp

Escape the Clouds — "As Escape the Clouds, Mark Rossmore draws from history, imagination, and the world around him to tell unique, narrative songs. His vivid lyrics tell of relatable characters and steampunk-inspired 'worlds that might have been,' all flowing atop an atmospheric foundation of world, electronic, and acoustic sounds." Location: Pensacola, FL. Find on Bandcamp

Extraordinary Contraptions — Steampunk rock/neo-classic rock/Steam-prog. From the band's website: "Ranging from silly love songs through dark, seething explorations of power to their characters' own epically orchestrated tales of Victorian-influenced sci-fi, this quartet of aural anachronisms cranks the temporal bi-resonator to eleven for romance, music and science!" They've performed at DragonCon, AnachroCon, World Steam Expo, and other events. Location: Atlanta. Find on Bandcamp

Fermata — Fermata is a band that describes its sound as “acoustic chamber rock. . .” Find on Bandcamp

Feline and Strange — Described as “theatrical post-punk” with a powerful female voice and “roots in Tango, opera, and cabaret.” Find on Bandcamp

The Forgetmenauts — Six-piece folk rock ensemble inspired by myth, cryptids, and fairy tales. Location: San Francisco Bay Area. Find on Bandcamp

Frenchy and the Punk — A duo that often performs at steampunk events. Find on Bandcamp

Ghostfire — The band describes its music as embracing “folk, shanty, spaghetti western, country, and Americana.” Find on Bandcamp

Littmus Steampunk Band — Steampunk music from Queensland, Australia. They describe themselves as "a band of castoffs let go from around the world. Always keeping an eye out for any easy pickings that may come their way. Occasionally having to move on if the authorities get wind of them." Find on Bandcamp

Madam Misfit — UK-based "Electroswing Steampunk Performer" with "a sprinkle of Monty Python." Find on Bandcamp

Montague Jacques Fromage — "Cogfather of Steampunk Funk/Victorian Rap." Find on Bandcamp

Marquis of Vaudeville — “Progressive, carnival-esque punk cabaret.” Find on Bandcamp

Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer — "From deepest darkest Surrey, and with a decade of gentlemanly catterwalling under his belt, Mr.B brings you Chap-Hop, re-acquainting Hip-Hop with the Queen's English from whence it came." Find on Bandcamp

Nathaniel Johnstone Band — "Their vibrant sound crosses boundaries and borders, resulting in a blend of Rock, Jazz, Surf, and Folk with a penchant for storytelling and myth-bending." Location: Rhode Island. Find on Bandcamp

Professor Elemental — The Professor describes his music as "Chap Hop / Steampunk / comedy/ Hip Hop." Londonist described him as "Fast and fluid. . . loveably bonkers." Hometown: Brighton, UK. Find on Bandcamp

Rapscallion* — Rapscallion describes itself as a “chap rock/steampunk band drawing heavy influence from classics such as Queen, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and The Darkness, but with a healthy dose of steampunk perspective.” Find on Bandcamp

Aaron J. Shay — A Seattle-based singer-songwriter who "blends an old-world folk sound with a modern lyrical style and an affinity for science, technology, and fiction." Find on Bandcamp

Sarah Shay — "Sarah plays nerdy ukulele songs that are usually funny but sometimes sad." Location: Seattle. Find on Bandcamp

Sun & Shadow — A steampunk project by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Damon DeMartin. He's performed at the Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention in Tucson and at the Fireland Phoenix Faerie Festival. Find on Bandcamp

Sunday Driver — A band whose sound has been described as “a Dickensian Kate Bush” (Financial Times) and “a careful and delicate fusion of Indian chant and English folk” (The Steampunk Workshop). Find on Bandcamp

This Way to the Egress — The band describes itself as “equal parts unruly vaudeville, ebullient world-beat and three-ring circus. . .” Find on Bandcamp

Unwoman — Cellist-singer-songwriter. Location: San Francisco. Find on Bandcamp

Valentine Wolfe — This duo plays "Victorian Chamber metal." Location: Greenville, SC. Find on Bandcamp

Vernian Process — An avant-garde/progressive rock band that draws inspiration from authors such as H.G. Wells, H.P. Lovecraft, and Jules Verne. Location: San Francisco. Find on Bandcamp

Victor Sierra — Steampunk/dieselpunk trio from Paris. Find on Bandcamp

Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys* — Described as “a Dada-esque circus carnival run amuck. . .” Find on Bandcamp

T.E. Yates — UK-based musician, animator, and visual artist. He describes his musical genre as "Folk / Alternative / Folk-Rock / Indie Folk / Psychedelic Folk." He plays harmonica, banjo and musical saw. Find on Bandcamp

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