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National Capital Trolley Museum

1313 Bonifant Rd, Colesville, MD 20905
Washington Railway and Electric Company #650 streetcar

Washington Railway and Electric Company #650 streetcar built in 1912.

Photo credit: By G. Edward Johnson (EnLorax) (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The National Capital Trolley Museum (NCTM) is a nonprofit organization that operates historic trolleys (or trams) for the public on a regular schedule. NCTM ran its first streetcar in October 1969, and since then the museum has operated consistently over its one-mile line. In the winter of 2008–2009, the Museum moved into three new buildings: a visitors' center, a display building for the streetcars, and a streetcar storage-and-maintenance building.

The collection includes streetcars from pre-1900, 1912, 1918 and later.

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