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College Park Aviation Museum

1985 Corporal Frank Scott Dr., College Park, MD 20740
A pilot flying a Curtiss aircraft

A pilot flying a Curtiss aircraft at College Park in 1912.

Photo credit: By Harris & Ewing [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The College Park Aviation Museum houses antique and reproduction aircraft associated with the history of College Park Airport, the world's oldest continuously operated airport. It includes a 90-seat auditorium, a non-circulating appointment-only library, gift shop, museum offices, and a replica of the original 1909 College Park Airport hangar, in addition to a main hangar with aircraft and exhibits. Aircraft on display include a 1910 Wright Model B replica, 1911 Curtiss Model D replica, 1912 Blériot replica, 1916 Curtiss JN-4D, 1924 Berliner Helicopter No. 5, 1932 Monocoupe 110 and 1936 Taylor J-2.

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