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National Museum of the United States Navy

805 Kidder Breeze St SE, Washington, DC 20374

The National Museum of the United States Navy is the Navy's flagship museum. It's located in the former Breech Mechanism Shop of the old Naval Gun Factory on the grounds of the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. As the museum is on a functioning military facility, visitors must enter a specific entrance and provide ID or pass to a guard. Upon entering the museum, visitors can see the fighting top from USS Constitution, as well as a statue of Boatswain's Mate Charles W. Riggin made from melted dimes. Permanent exhibits include Dive! Dive! U.S. Navy Submarines; The American Revolution and the French Alliance; The Forgotten Wars of the Nineteenth Century; Civil War; Spanish-American War; Polar Exploration; Navigation; and U.S. Navy in World War I. The Undersea Exploration exhibit includes the Trieste, a deep submergence vehicle.

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