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Fauquier History Museum at the Old Jail

10 Ashby St., Warrenton, VA 20186
Old Fauquier County Jail

Old Fauquier County Jail.

Photo credit: By Strawser (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Fauquier History Museum at the Old Jail occupies the site of a former Fauquier County Jail built in Warrenton in 1808. It ran for only 15 years before a new jail was erected behind it after a lawsuit with the Commonwealth of Virginia. In those 15 years, the four-cell jail saw death and disease from neglectful conditions. Soon after the 1823 jail was constructed, the 1808 jail was transformed into a jailer's house, so that he and his family could move in and care for the prisoners. A two-story sandstone addition was added onto the original brick structure to serve as a kitchen and second floor bedroom. It was operated as a jail until 1966, when the Fauquier Historical Society saved it from demolition and created a museum.

The museum includes exhibits related to the jail and the county's history. The Fauquier Historical Society also presents paranormal events that purport to "communicate with the spirits of the old jail." It also hosts ghost tours of Warrenton, conducted by costumed guides.

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