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12002 Glen Road, Potomac, MD 20854

Glenstone presents rotating exhibitions of modern and contemporary masterworks drawn from its own collection, and a selection of outdoor sculptures by modern and contemporary masters, sited on 200 acres (of landscaped lawns, meadows, and woods in Potomac, Maryland. The first museum building opened to the public in 2006. A second museum building began construction in 2013. Admission to Glenstone's exhibitions is free, with advance reservation required.

From the website: "The Glenstone collection comprises paintings, sculptures, works on paper, photographs, installations, and multimedia works by artists who have come to international prominence since World War II. Selected by Glenstone's founders, Mitchell and Emily Rales, these works chart significant historical shifts in the perception and understanding of the art of our time. The collection concentrates on critical moments in an artist’s career."

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