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LeMay Family Collection

325 152nd St E, Tacoma, WA 98445

The LeMay Family Collection is located at the historic Marymount Military Academy, which housed a school for boys and a home for nuns before it became a home for Harold and Nancy LeMay's vintage car collection. About 500 cars are on display at all times, with some being rotated into or out of off-site storage. It is also the site of the annual LeMay Car Show. The collection is separate from America's Car Museum in downtown Tacoma, which includes cars that were donated by the family of Harold LeMay. Harold LeMay, who owned a successful refuse company, amassed the world's largest private car collection with more than 1900 vintage vehicles.

The collection includes an 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagon, 1899 Baldwin Steamer, 1901 Beer Wagon, 1903 Oldsmobile Model A, 1907 Pierce Great Arrow and other vehicles from the early 1900s. It also includes vintage radios, dolls, piggy banks, and hose nozzles.

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