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Wings of History Museum

12777 Murphy Ave., San Martin, CA 95046

Wings of History is an aviation museum in San Martin, California. It has two large hangars filled with aircraft and instrument parts. Hangar 1 consists mainly of antique aircraft parts, like engines, and a full-size, complete albeit non-flying replica of the Wright Brothers' original Wright Flyer. This hangar also has many models and other highly detailed aircraft engines. Hangar 2 consists mainly of complete aircraft, and a car-helicopter that was donated. Near the exit there is a flight simulator and collection of radar and flight instruments. Other aircraft are outside the hangars, including a 1938 American Eagle A-101, 1934 Aeronca C-3, 1934 Pietenpol Air Camper, 1940 Stinson Model 10 and various experimental aircraft. The museum also has a restoration shop, library, and propeller shop.

San Martin is in Santa Clara County near Gilroy, about 30 miles south of San Jose.

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