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San Francisco Cable Car Museum

1201 Mason St., San Francisco, CA 94108
San Francisco cable car system

Engines and winding wheels of the San Francisco cable car system. The signs above each of the three cables ("California", "Mason", "Powell") show which line it is driving.

Photo credit: By Frank Schulenburg (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Cable Car Museum is a free museum in the Nob Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. It contains historical and explanatory exhibits on the San Francisco cable car system. The museum contains several examples of old cable cars, together with smaller exhibits and a gift shop. The museum is part of the complex that also houses the cable car power house, which drives the cables, and the car depot ("barn"). The car depot is not open to the public, but two overlook galleries allow the visitor to view the power house, and to descend below the junction of Washington and Mason streets to view the large cavern where the haulage cables are routed via large sheaves out to the street.

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