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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library

150 E San Fernando St, San Jose, CA 95112

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library (also known locally as the MLK Library) is a public library in downtown San Jose. As of 2007, it is the largest library building in the western United States built in a single construction project, with over 475,000 square feet of space on eight floors and approximately 1.6 million volumes. The King Library is a collaboration between the City of San José and San José State University. It is the main library for both San José State University and the San José Public Library system.

The lower level (below floor 1) provides public computers, magazines and government documents. The reference collections are on floor 2. The volumes of the City Library system are shelved on floor 3. The volumes of the University Library (known also as the Research Collection) are shelved in floor 6 to 8 and are indexed via the Library of Congress Classification. Some duplicate volumes exist in both systems.

Patrons of the San Jose Public Library can obtain an SJSU library card by completing a form on the SJSU library website. The card permits onsite access to library databases, but not remote access.

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