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San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area

Best known for its scenic vistas, colorful neighborhoods and high-tech businesses, the Bay Area has also played an important role in the emergence of steampunk culture. It's the headquarters of Burning Man; the unofficial capital of the Maker Movement; and birthplace of iconic projects such as the Steampunk Treehouse and the Nautilus Submarine Art Car. The area is also home to Clockwork Alchemy, one of the largest steampunk gatherings on the West Coast, and the Edwardian Ball, a two-day celebration that takes place in an alternate world inspired by illustrator Edward Gorey.

Steampunks who visit or live here will find a wealth of attractions, including steampunk-themed eateries; the arcade machines of Musée Mécanique; and preserved steam-powered ships at San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.

You'll find these places and lots more in the listings below, which include the entire nine-county Bay Area from Sonoma and Napa counties in the north to Santa Clara County in the south, plus the neighboring counties of Lake, Mendocino, San Benito and Santa Cruz.

Check out the "Steamiest Places" section for attractions likely to be of greatest interest to steampunks.

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