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Landmark Inn State Historic Site

402 Florence St, Castroville, TX 78009

The Landmark Inn State Historic Site is a historic inn in Castroville, Texas. It was originally constructed in 1849 as a residence and general store. John Vance purchased the property in 1853, and began to rent rooms to travelers along the busy San Antonio - El Paso road. In 1854, Vance sold the riverfront of his property to George Haass and Laurent Quintle. They built a dam on the river and constructed a water powered grist mill to mill grain for local farmers. Joseph Courand bought the mill in 1876 and his son purchased the hotel in 1899. Today, it is operated by the Texas Historical Commission. The hotel portion of the complex still operates as a bed-and-breakfast. The guest rooms are furnished with antiques and historical reproductions that are sympathetic to the either the mid-1800s, late-1800s, or early twentieth century, depending on the room.

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