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Food and Drink

This section features eating and drinking establishments likely to be of interest to steampunks. It includes tea houses, as well as bars and restaurants with steampunk, neo-Victorian, or retro-industrial decor. Some establishments are consciously designed with steampunk themes. With others, the connection may be more subtle or open to interpretation. We identified many of these places by searching review sites for mentions of "steampunk," and obviously that can be a subjective judgment. The gear icon indicates locations where the steampunk or fantasy elements are more obvious.

Some descriptions in these listings are adapted from articles in Wikipedia under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0. See the full descriptions for details.

Pittsboro, NC, USA

This coffee shop was described by one customer as "Intimate and friendly with a steampunk vibe. . ."


Durham, NC, USA

This brewery in North Carolina's Research Triangle is clearly inspired by steampunk. . .

Pinehurst, NC, USA

"Come dine in a Victorian atmosphere with crystal, fine china, linen table cloths and napkins. . ."

Raleigh, NC, USA

Gastropub fare at the Apple Crabtree Valley Mall. . .

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