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Arizona Railway Museum

330 E Ryan Rd, Chandler, AZ 85224
Locomotive No SP 2562 and Tender No. 8365

Southern Pacific Railroad Locomotive No. SP 2562 and Tender No. 8365 were built in 1900.

Photo credit: Marine 69-71 at English Wikipedia (Tony the Marine) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

This railroad museum near Phoenix has an extensive collection of historic locomotives, railroad passenger cars and other equipment. It includes a steam locomotive built in 1906 that's listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The museum's 1910 Railroad Steam Wrecking Crane and Tool Car is also listed in the Register. The website includes a full roster of the equipment. The research collection include more than 24,000 artifacts such as lanterns, tickets, timetables and maps that are available to academic researchers by appointment.