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Villanova University

800 Lancaster Avenue, Villanova, PA 19085

Villanova University is a private university in Radnor Township near Philadelphia. It is the oldest Catholic university in Pennsylvania. Enrollment in fall 2016 was 6,999 undergraduate and 3,843 graduate students. The most prominent campus feature is St. Thomas of Villanova Church, whose dual spires are the university's tallest structure. The cornerstone was laid in 1883, and construction ended in 1887. Built in the Gothic Revival style, the church was renovated in 1943 and 1992.

A number of legends are spread around campus by students. Some of these include the existence of secret tunnels and catacombs under campus, the haunting of some of the older dormitories (sometimes linked to their use as hospitals during the Civil War), and speculation over the existence of an entire wing of St. Mary's Hall which is completely blocked off. The three buildings most commonly discussed as being haunted are Alumni Hall (located by St. Thomas of Villanova church on the main campus), St. Mary's Hall and Dundale (both located on the west campus).

Notable alumni include actress Maria Bello; actor Bradley Cooper; playwright David Rabe; and recording artists Jim Croce and Don McLean.

Library access: The Falvey Memorial Library offers limited access during visitor hours to alumni, local clergy and residents of Lower Merion and Radnor townships. A photo ID is required. Free courtesy memberships with borrowing privileges are available to alumni, local college faculty and residents of Lower Merion and Radnor townships. The memberships include access to some subscription databases.

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