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Adventure Aquarium

1 Riverside Dr, Camden, NJ 08103

The Adventure Aquarium, formerly the New Jersey State Aquarium, is a for-profit educational entertainment attraction. It's operated on the Delaware River Camden Waterfront by the Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation. It features about 8,000 animals living in varied forms of semi-aquatic, freshwater, and marine habitats. The facility has a total tank volume of over 2 million US gallons and public floor space of 200,000 square feet.

The South Building features the giant Ocean Tank and native Atlantic specimens in multiple smaller tanks, as well as more "weird" and unusual animals on the second floor.

The North Building includes "West African River Experience" featuring Nile hippopotami and the "Jules Verne Gallery" stocked with Japanese spider crabs, sea dragons, jellies, and a Giant Pacific octopus. The Shark Realm in the South Building features sand tiger, sandbar, and nurse sharks.

Visitors are also offered, by appointment only, the opportunity to swim with the sharks in the tank.

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