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Van Cortlandt House Museum

6035 Broadway, Bronx, NY 10471

The Van Cortlandt House Museum is the oldest building in The Bronx. The house was built in the Georgian style by Frederick Van Cortlandt (1699–1749) in 1748 for his family. Van Cortlandt died before its completion and the property was inherited by his son, James Van Cortlandt (1727–1787). It is representative of the high Georgian style. The Van Cortlandts, a mercantile family prominent in New York affairs, established a grain plantation and grist mill on the property. The house was used during the Revolutionary War by Rochambeau, Lafayette, and Washington. In 1889, after 140 years of occupancy by the Van Cortlandt family, the property was sold to the City of New York and made a public parkland. The house has been operated as a historic house museum since 1897, the first in the city and fourth in the country. The house was used in the season two episode "Battle of the Century" of Boardwalk Empire, where it stood in for a house in Belfast.

The house is located within Van Cortlandt Park at West 246th Street. The address above is for GPS use. It's the address for an apartment building across the street from the park's pedestrian entrance.

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