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Greater Astoria Historical Society

3520 Broadway, 4th floor, Long Island City, NY 11106

The Greater Astoria Historical Society (GAHS) is a non-profit cultural and historical organization in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens. It is dedicated to preserving the neighborhoods that are part of historic Long Island City, including the Village of Astoria, Blissville, Bowery Bay, Dutch Kills, Hunters Point, Ravenswood, Steinway Village, and Sunnyside. The GAHS maintains a Library/Research Center that contains over 10,000 items, including books and publications on local history, a photographic record of the community, and neighborhood ephemera and memorabilia. The GAHS holdings also include antiquarian atlases, historic maps, and an almost complete run of the Long Island Star Journal, a daily newspaper that folded in 1968. In addition to the library, the society offices in the Quinn Memorial Building include a 2,000-square-foot exhibit space. The society maintains a tourist information booth outside its office and provides free maps and pamphlets to visitors.

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