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Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center - Vassar College

124 Raymond Ave,, Poughkeepsie, NY 12604

The Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center is a teaching museum, major art repository, and exhibition space on the campus of Vassar College, in Poughkeepsie, New York, United States. It was founded in 1864 as the Vassar College Art Gallery. It displays works from antiquity to contemporary times. Vassar was the first college or university in the country to include an art museum as part of its original plan. Perhaps the greatest strength of the art collection housed by the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center is its 20th-century works by European and American artists. Included in this group are significant works by Pablo Picasso, Balthus, Arthur Dove, Ian Hornak, Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O'Keeffe, Francis Bacon, Jackson Pollock, Alexander Calder, Nancy Graves, and Marsden Hartley.

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