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Arts and Crafts

This section includes local art schools, art museums, galleries, 3D fabrication services and makerspaces. Museums and galleries are included because they can be sources of creative inspiration even if their exhibitions don't fall within the steampunk category. The gear icon indicates locations likely to be of particular interest to steampunks.

Some descriptions in these listings are adapted from articles in Wikipedia under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0. See the full descriptions for details.

Art Supplies

Blick Art Materials - Paramus

Paramus, NJ, USA

A major retailer of art supplies. . .

Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts - New Jersey

New Jersey

A list of local locations. . .

Michaels - New Jersey

New Jersey

A list of local locations. . .

Fabrication Services/Makerspaces

3D Hubs - Newark

Newark, NJ, USA

3D Hubs is a website that provides access to 3D printing services around the world. . .


New Brunswick, NJ, USA

FUBAR Labs describes itself as a "community of makers, tinkerers, artists, techies and geeks who have 24 hour a day access to the maker space and to tools, supplies, and workshop equipment. . ."

The Hoboken MakerBar

Hoboken, NJ, USA

The Hoboken MakerBar describes itself as a "volunteer hacker collective. . ."

Maker Depot

Totowa, NJ, USA

Maker Depot offers membership-based access to various fabrication resources . . .

Makexyz 3D Printing - Newark

Newark, NJ, USA

Makexyz is a website that provides access to independent 3D printing services. . .

Makexyz 3D Printing - Trenton

Trenton, NJ, USA

Makexyz is a website that provides access to independent 3D printing services. . .

MiY - Make It Yourself

Piscataway, NJ, USA

Make It Yourself is a makerspace housed at the John F. Kennedy Library in Piscataway. . .

PicoTurbine International

Jersey City, NJ, USA

This company describes itself as a "STEAM education product and service supplier. . ."


Grounds for Sculpture

Hamilton, NJ, USA

Grounds For Sculpture is a 42-acre sculpture park and museum in Mercer County. . .

Montclair Art Museum

Montclair, NJ, USA

The Montclair Art Museum is one of the few museums in the United States devoted to American art and Native American art forms. . .


Morris Museum

Morristown, NJ, USA

This art, science and history museum includes the Murtogh D. Guinness Collection of Mechanical Musical Instruments and Automata. . .

Museum of American Glass - Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center

Millville, NJ, USA

The Museum of American Glass at WheatonArts houses over 7,000 pieces of glass. . .

New Jersey State Museum

Trenton, NJ, USA

The New Jersey State Museum is operated as part of the New Jersey Department of State. . .

The Newark Museum

Newark, NJ, USA

The Newark Museum is New Jersey's largest museum. . .

Princeton University Art Museum

Princeton, NJ, USA

The Princeton University Art Museum houses over 92,000 works of art that range from antiquity to the contemporary period. . .

Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms

Morris Plains, NJ, USA

Craftsman Farms was founded in 1908 as a farm and school for the Arts and Crafts movement. . .

Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University

New Brunswick, NJ, USA

The Zimmerli Art Museum houses more than 60,000 works . . .

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