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Mission Inn Museum

3696 Main St., Riverside, CA 92501
Mission Inn Spanish Wing

Mission Inn Spanish Wing.

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The Mission Inn Museum promotes the cultural heritage of the Mission Inn, a historic landmark hotel in downtown Riverside. Although a composite of many architectural styles, it is generally considered the largest Mission Revival Style building in the United States. For 140 years, the Mission Inn has been the center of Riverside, host to U.S. Presidents, celebrities, seasonal and holiday functions, occasional political functions and other major social gatherings. Museum visitors are led on guided tours that highlight the inn's architecture, stained glass, furniture, art, textiles and other cultural resources. Permanent exhibits feature the history of the inn and its founders, and the museum offers changing exhibits and educational programs.

The Mission Inn has played a prominent role in popular culture. American author Anne Rice incorporated it into her 2009 book Angel Time. The book tells the story of Toby O'Dare, an assassin with a tragic past, who uses the Mission Inn as his refuge. Film shoots at the Inn include 1938's Idiot's Delight with Clark Gable, 1969's Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here with Robert Redford, 1975's The Wild Party with Raquel Welch and James Coco, Billy Wilder's 1981 comedy Buddy Buddy with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, 1988's Vibes with Jeff Goldblum, 1977's Black Samurai with Jim Kelly, and 1998's The Man in the Iron Mask with Leonardo DiCaprio.

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