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California State University Fullerton

800 N State College Boulevard, Fullerton, CA 92831

California State University, Fullerton (known Cal State Fullerton, or Fullerton State University) is a public comprehensive university in Fullerton, California. With a total enrollment of almost 39,000, it has the second largest student body out of the 23-campus California State University system. The Orange County university offers over 240 degrees including 120 different Bachelor's degrees, 118 types of Master's degrees, 3 Doctoral degrees including a Doctor of Nursing and two Doctor of Education, and 19 teaching credentials.

Cal State Fullerton played an important role in the history of science fiction and the emergence of steampunk literature. In 1972, noted SF author Philip K. Dick donated manuscripts, papers and other materials to the Special Collections Library at the university, where they are archived in the Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Collection in the Pollak Library. It was in Fullerton that Philip K. Dick befriended budding science-fiction writers K.W. Jeter, James Blaylock, and Tim Powers, who became pioneers of steampunk. Jeter is credited with coining the term "steampunk." Other notable alumni include filmmaker James Cameron and actor Kevin Costner.

Library access: Members of the general public can obtain borrowing privileges and access to the special collections by paying an annual $50 membership fee. The library also has reciprocal borrowing arrangements with all other CSU libraries plus a select group of local libraries.

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