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Western Science Center

2345 Searl Pkwy, Hemet, CA 92543
Paramylodon harlani

Paramylodon harlani on display at the Western Science Center.

Photo credit: By Westerncenter (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

The Western Science Center (WSC), formerly the Western Center for Archaeology & Paleontology, is a museum located near Diamond Valley Lake in Hemet, California. The WSC is home to a large collection of Native American artifacts and Ice Age fossils that were unearthed at Diamond Valley Lake, including "Max", the largest mastodon found in the western United States, and "Xena", a Columbian mammoth. The museum features a 156 foot (48 m) long exterior walkway that holds a life-on-Earth time line. The tour of the permanent gallery begins with interactive exhibits on the natural history of Domenigoni and Diamond Valleys, continuing through displays on European and Native American culture and history from the area. Among the artifacts on display are pieces donated by the Domenigoni family, the original settlers of the valley, and the Soboba band of Luiseño Indians that inhabited the area before them. The museum also features a full-scale simulated archaeology and paleontology dig site.

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