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Arrow Rock

310 Main St, Arrow Rock, MO 65320

Arrow Rock is a village in Saline County, Missouri, that has important historical significance related to westward expansion, the Santa Fe Trail and 19th century artist George Caleb Bingham. The state’s first state historic site is located here and the entire village is part of the Arrow Rock Historic District. The village retains much of its 19th-century character and is recognized as the birthplace of historic preservation in Missouri. The town draws over 100,000 visitors per year to visit its historic features, museums, antique and gift shops, restaurants or performances at the Lyceum Theatre.

The address above is for Friends of Arrow Rock, a local preservation group that owns and maintains 12 historic structures in the village. They include the Miller-Bradford House (c. 1839), Shelby Log Cabin (c. 1830s), J.P. Sites Gun Shop (c. 1866), Victorian Sites House (1c. 875), Masonic Lodge Hall (c. 1868) and I.O.O.F. Lodge Hall (c. 1868). The group also operates the Dr. Sappington Medical Museum, a modern structure with exhibits about 19th century physician and merchant John Sappington. The group's headquarters houses the Christopher Collection of Early Missouri Firearms and a museum shop. Collections are also housed in the gun shop, Victorian Sites House and Odd Fellows Hall.

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