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Ford Piquette Avenue Plant

461 Piquette St, Detroit, MI 48202
1916 Studebaker

A 1916 Studebaker at the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant.

Photo credit: By Jackdude101 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant is a museum and former factory in the Milwaukee Junction area of Detroit. Built in 1904, it was the second center of automobile production for the Ford Motor Company. The company assembled several car models at this factory, including the Ford Model T. It is the world's oldest, purpose-built automotive factory that is open to the public. The museum contains more than 40 early automobiles built by Ford and other Detroit-area car makers, as well as recreations of Henry Ford's office and the room where the Ford Model T was designed. One of the cars on display is Model T Serial No. 220, which was built at the factory in December 1908, and is one of the oldest-surviving examples of that car model. The museum is owned and operated by the Model T Automotive Heritage Complex.

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