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Old Mill Museum

242 Toledo St., Dundee, MI 48131

The Old Mill Museum, also known as the Alfred Wilkerson Grist Mill, is a historic structure in Dundee, Michigan. Built in 1849, the facility first served as a gristmill for the growing milling industry in Dundee. Later, the building was converted to produce hydroelectricity as the village's only source of power around 1910. Automotive magnate Henry Ford later purchased the building and converted the mill into a small factory to produce welding tips. The village of Dundee acquired the site in 1970, and a local preservation group revamped the structure for use as a museum. Today, the museum houses exhibits about local history.

The Old Mill Museum is reputed to be a site for paranormal activity. It hosts regular ghost hunts and is the site of the annual Old Mill ParaFest, a paranormal convention that raises funds for the museum.

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