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This section includes local history museums, historic houses and other sites of historical significance. Museums focusing on the history of science, technology or industry are listed in the "Science & Technology" section. Museums focusing on natural history are listed in the "Creatures" and/or "Science & Technology" section. The gear icon indicates locations likely to be of greatest interest to steampunks.

Some descriptions in these listings are adapted from articles in Wikipedia under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0. See the full descriptions for details.

Birmingham, MI, USA

The Birmingham Museum includes the the 1928 Allen House, which features exhibits about local history, as well as the 1822 John West Hunter House. . .

Detroit, MI, USA

The Charles H Wright Museum of African American History holds the world's largest permanent exhibit on African American culture. . .

Dearborn, MI, USA

The Dearborn Historical Museum includes three historic structures. . .

Detroit, MI, USA

The society operates two museums focusing on the history of Detroit. . .

Grosse Pointe Shores, MI, USA

The Edsel and Eleanor Ford House is a mansion that stands on the site known as "Gaukler Point," on the shore of Lake St Clair. . .

Dearborn, MI, USA

Fair Lane was the name of the estate of Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford and his wife, Clara Ford, in Dearborn, Michigan. . .

Dundee, MI, USA

The Old Mill Museum is a historic structure in Dundee, Michigan. . .

Rochester Hills, MI, USA

Rochester Hills Museum occupies a 16-acre property that includes historic buildings from 1840 through the early 20th century. . .

Tecumseh, MI, USA

This local history museum is housed in the Old Stone Church. . .

Troy, MI, USA

The Troy Historic Village allows visitors to view the lifestyle of those who lived in Troy Township in the 1800s. . .

Ypsilanti, MI, USA

The Ypsilanti Historical Society operates the Ypsilanti Historical Museum and Fletcher-White Archives. . .

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